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Credo House Certificates are a brand new powerful way for you to ensure a certain level of learning from the Credo House Members Area. Pastors, elders, small-group leaders and families can all utilize Credo House Certificates to ensure a certain level of discipleship training.

Here are a few quick scenarios and then some details:

A pastor may desire all of his elders to be certified in Theology and Bible Boot Camps. We handle the training and we facilitate more than 70 quizzes for this certification. The system is online and automated so it fits into even the busiest of schedules. You can rest assured that all your leaders will have a common robust theological understanding and perspective as you work together for years to come in leading your church.

A small-group ministry may desire for all their small-group leaders to be trained in a foundational level of discipleship. Within minutes an entire church is set-up for their leaders to go through the 10 sessions of being grounded in areas of Orthodoxy (correct thought) and Orthopraxy (correct action). Each leader must pass 10 quizzes to receive their Discipleship Certification from the Credo House.

Parents can utilize the Credo House Certificate to ensure their children receive a foundational level of discipleship training. Have your kids be certified in Discipleship and Bible Boot Camps before they enter High School. Make it fun. How about our most in-depth Theology Certification earns them a special gift? Help equip them to own their faith with their heart and their mind.

Please watch the video above explaining all about certificates and how to get started.



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  • Profile photo of Prischap

    Tim and Michael, I praise God for the vision that he placed in your hearts to make a Biblically sound educations for those who may not live near a Bible college or seminary, or who want to gain a greater understanding of our Christian faith and all that goes into it.
    As you know, I began using Credo House Ministries last year to assist the discipleship ministry in the Desert Rose Protestant Chapels at Centinela State Prison, Imperial, California where I have served as the Protestant Chaplain since October 1, 1994. The first package that I used The Discipleship Program with six men on Friday morning from 9:00 to about 10:15. The group has grown to about ten and more are asking about it. Several weeks ago the DVD’s went missing and a pretty thorough of the chapel failed to turn it up. Rather than stop meeting I was able to offer the Church History Program as an alternative. We will complete it this Friday and then we will go back and complete the Discipleship Program which was found last week mixed in with a number of other older video cassettes and DVD’s that have not been used for a number of years.

    The Lord has done many wonderful things for the men that have or are serving time in the State of California at Centinela. We just have to praise Him for the all of the ministries that have followed His calling to visit prisoners and those who have provided materials for our use. Then we have to give a special praise for all of the work that Credo House has invested in the lives of the men that have been impacted by the materials you produce.

  • Amimar Ali 2 years ago

    Hi Mr Kimberly,I eagerly wants to be a member,I ve followed TTP courses since 2005 just through Bible.org,now after having bought the TTP course in PPT format and even translated introduction course and Biblilogy course into Arabic for the members of the house church God entrusted me to feed,I found out that I need to learn as much as I can to help my brothers hold fast to the truth and cultivate that conscient faith which certainly protect them from stumbling in the pit of folk theology which invades our churches nowadays,
    I am Ali from Morocco,casablanca-
    I have now problem with my bank visa,what’s about sending you 25$ via western union and get membership chance to study more and hence,to be well-equipped for ministry to my brethren here,
    Tell me pls if there is any possibility to send you money if western union is not possible.

  • Profile photo of fegl.maroc

    I have accomplished all 10 lessons of introduction course

  • Profile photo of Larryrock

    I have completed the Theology Program and I have been awaiting a reply from both this site and the Credo House site. I would love to communicate with someone regarding future studies and certificates.

    • Profile photo of Carrie

      Hello Larry!

      I am not sure how you were able to create a membership here at the members area. I say that because this members area was closed down (or was supped to be) back in October of last year (2015).

      I am certainly delighted you have became a member however! Although I would recommend signing up at the new site since this one is not functioning at full capacity and will subsequently be shut down.

      Email me directly with any questions you may have at carrie@credohouse.org. I can help with any questions you have and also give instruction on registering at the new members area.