$25/month plan provides logins for you, your spouse, and all your kids under the age of eighteen.
$50/month church plan is for everyone at a church campus

Select your plan when you click “Become a Member Today” above.

Pastors, elders, small-group leaders and families can all utilize Credo House Membership to ensure a certain level of discipleship training.

Here are a few quick scenarios and then some details:

A pastor may desire all of his elders to be certified in Theology and Bible Boot Camps. We handle the training and we facilitate more than 70 quizzes for this certification. The system is online and automated so it fits into even the busiest of schedules. You can rest assured that all your leaders will have a common robust theological understanding and perspective as you work together for years to come in leading your church.

A small-group ministry may desire for all their small-group leaders to be trained in a foundational level of discipleship. Within minutes an entire church is set-up for their leaders to go through the 10 sessions of being grounded in areas of Orthodoxy (correct thought) and Orthopraxy (correct action). Each leader must pass 10 quizzes to receive their Discipleship Certification from the Credo House.

Parents can utilize the Credo House Certificate to ensure their children receive a foundational level of discipleship training. Have your kids be certified in Discipleship and Bible Boot Camps before they enter High School. Make it fun. How about our most in-depth Theology Certification earns them a special gift? Help equip them to own their faith with their heart and their mind.

Please watch the video above explaining all about the Members Area and how to get started.

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  • Bethany Bindeman 3 years ago

    I’m trying to watch the videos of the tours (the 60-second and the full tour) and both come up as gray boxes.

    • Profile photo of TimKimberley


      It appears there was a little glitch this morning in those two videos. It looks like they are both back to playing as normal.

      thanks for the heads up…please let me know anything else we can do to help,

  • Don Fisher 3 years ago

    Hey Tim,
    I already have and enjoy many things from the Credo House. Would it be possible to get a one day pass to check out the members area? I just wanted to see the area before committing to it for a month. Would it also be possible to get an indefinite pass to the members area? Just kidding.


    • Profile photo of TimKimberley


      We’re actually planning on having a 3-day period next week where our members area will be totally free and accessible for those wanting to kick the tires. Please make sure you’re on our email list for the launch next week. We have places all over our site where you can sign up for emails.


  • Tim,

    Are there still plans to have a 3-day period this week where the members area will be free and accessible for those people who would like to try it out before committing to a monthly payment plan? Thanks.

    • Profile photo of TimKimberley

      Yes, the hope is to release that today. We’re just finishing up some details to make the release go smoothly.

      thanks for asking and being patient,

    • Profile photo of TimKimberley


      If you go back to the registration page credohouse.org/members/register you’ll see that the Credo House Premium Membership has a 3-day free trial. It does require you to enter payment information but it shouldn’t charge you unless you say okay when you attempt to login after the trial period. Please let me know how it goes. If you accidentally get charged, no big deal, we can reimburse you as we get the trial membership system all ironed out.

      thanks for your patience as we set this up,

  • D. Troy Hassell 3 years ago

    Yes, I am very interested in signing on. A few pastors and I have discussed this concept yet we lacked the know-how and skills even to set this up in Bermuda. We need your help. I sent a note to you regarding a teaching method that will do well in Bermuda i.e. using your DVD’s intertwined with local teachers too but maintaining your presentation style. (Powerpoint of Theology Program for instance) Is this possible? Also, setting up a Coffee and Credo House in Bermuda. is this doable? your guidance is so needed. Love to hear back from you soon. phone:- 1-441-234-3250 or above email or pastordth@icloud.com. Blessings, D. Troy Hassell

  • Justin Hill 3 years ago

    Hey guys, it seems like everything for me is available in the members area but I definitely haven’t paid for anything… I watched the 45 minute church history and took notes but after that I tried to look around and see if I was even supposed to be able to watch these videos. I don’t see anywhere either in the members area or on the front page that says it’s a free or trial period currently (maybe I missed it, I didn’t look THAT long). Love you guys and the work you’re doing but I don’t want you guys getting stolen from… Email me if there’s any information you need from me on how I’m accessing the members area like browser, client, etc.
    God bless you all!

    • Profile photo of TimKimberley


      I think you just happened to visit a few of the pages we’ve made available to people to check out in the area. Most of the content should be locked down for our registered users.

      thanks though for double-checking,

  • Layne Hefner 3 years ago

    Two things:
    1) I am a backer of both the Resurection & Gospel. Just got the Resurrection Package today and will start it in the morning, Two CD’s and 2 Books plus the Great T-Shirt. I did not know about the first one. Is there anyway that I can be told and/ contacted whenever your next KickStart project is going? I plan on backing everyone. I am always afraid I will miss it.

    2) I almost joined a few minutes ago but then decided to get the church involved, so next Session meeting I will bring it up. Can’t beat it at $50 a month.

    Thanks for being there!



  • Profile photo of
    lenm1345 3 years ago

    I ordered the free trial but would like to update so I can have full access. I couldn’t find anything on your site yet to go from trial to full access before the 3 days is over. Is there something I can do to have access right away.

  • Amimar Ali 2 years ago

    I have bought TTP course ppt format,i lost soteriology ppt ,I tried to get it from here for it was saved in your shop store,your site doesn’t recognize my email,what shall I do?

  • Amimar Ali 2 years ago


  • Amimar Ali 2 years ago

    Thank you,it’s superbe

  • Amimar Ali 2 years ago

    Whats coupon code?and where can i find it?

  • Profile photo of JaySaldana

    Great intro, quick and complete. My one suggestion is that the video is too small. for mobile and laptops it would be barely visible except for the large class icons. Maybe a full screen or half screen increase would help.
    Jay Saldana