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Yahweh by U2

It is rare that a mainstream band . . . wait, let me start over for this is already lending toward an understatement. U2 is a mainstream band. They have been called, “The most important band in the world,” “The greatest rock and roll band ever,” and “A band that has lasted longer, led longer, and set the bar higher more consistently than any other band – ever!” Yes, most of those quotations come from me, but I know what I am talking about. Continue Reading →

U2 Retro

For all my fellow U2 fans, here is a great retro article that was rereleased. For those of you who are always doubting Bono and the boys, read and weep.

Interpretation of U2 lyrics: All Because of You

Thus begins a humble exegesis of U2’s song lyrics by the most capable of all U2 fans. I will start with the latest works and progress backwards into the eighties. Bono, the lead singer and song writer of U2, will be the subject of exegesis. I will attempt to utilize an authorial intent hermeneutic in my interpretation. While this is not official, I just don’t think it can get any better than this. Humbly, Michael Patton.  Continue Reading →