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How Jesus Would Act in a Homosexual Bar? or “How to Evangelize Homosexuals”


This is one of the most commonly asked questions that I get lately: How do I evangelize homosexuals? It is such a sensitive issue as there are so many passions involved and a growing variety of opinions. The volatility could not be greater and I could not be dumber for writing on this! Nevertheless, I am going to do my best to answer here.

I have a family member who lives in an apartment that backs up to a homosexual bar. I can imagine that in the church, there are people who think this is wrong. It’s not that these would assume she might be a homosexual, but that why would she, being a Christian, even dare live in such proximity to such evil. I am sorry to say this, but its very sad—no, tragic—to say that the church is filled with such a mentality. Oh, they have their verses to justify it, but these are always based in unbiblical emotional passions that cannot ever be justified.

Hold on, it gets worse so hang with me.

I, personally, was pretty excited that she moved in there. Why? What a great place to live! It is filled with opportunity and excitement. It is filled with the possibility of having the power of the Holy Spirit work in a place that few in the church would dare to go.

Let me back up and ask the key question: How do we, as Christians, evangelize (give the Gospel to) homosexuals? Here we go . . .

If this family member were to ask me this question, this is what I would tell her:

First, what a great place you are living! What a great opportunity! But I think it would be best if we asked another question: what Jesus would have done in such a situation. Here are the steps I believe he would take:

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Homosexuality in the Church (Part 2) – Theology Unplugged

Homosexuality and the Church Part 2

Homosexuality in the Church (Part 2)?

On this episode of Theology Unplugged, Michael, Tim, Sam, and JJ continue their series, with part 2 of “Homosexuality in the Church”.

Homosexuality is one of the most volatile issues in Christianity today. But why? Why has sexuality taken center stage?

Our view of Christ and culture is not one where we are circling the wagons in order to not be infected by the broader culture. ~ JJ Seid

Their sexuality is a temporary endeavor […] I would much rather lead someone to Jesus than lead them to heterosexuality. ~ Tim Kimberley

The hosts go to the very beginning of the Bible, the book of Genesis, to jump-start a discussion about Biblical sexuality.

In Genesis, God sets forth His creative design for humankind. He made them male and female. He made the two genders for each other. This was the original design.

How has that original design changed over time? Is change in this definition good? If some change is acceptable at what point does change become bad?
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Homosexuality in the Church (Part 1) – Theology Unplugged


Homosexuality in the Church?

On this episode of Theology Unplugged, Michael, Tim, Sam, and JJ launch a new series, “Homosexuality in the Church”.

Homosexuality is one of the most volatile issues in Christianity today. But why? Why has sexuality taken center stage?

Common Questions About Sexuality and the Church

The hosts address some critical questions in this series. Is your question included in the list below? If not, let us know in the comments.

  • Can a Christian be homosexual? Can a homosexual be a Christian?
  • How should the church respond to homosexual members?
  • Does the church pick on homosexuals?
  • Should scripture have the last word? Should cultural influences be included?
  • Are there legal issues to consider?
  • Is there a moral standard that binds all people? Does it have anything to say about sexuality?
  • Does the Bible have much to say about this issue or is it largely silent?
  • Is the church using scripture to justify its treatment of homosexuals, lesbians, bisexual, and transgendered people the way it did African Americans?
  • Does the Bible condemn homosexuals to a celibate lifestyle?

Further Reading: Can Homosexuals be Saved.

This controversy shows no signs of dying down. Christian churches everywhere will have to deal with questions about sexuality. The Bible isn’t silent on this issue. Starting in Genesis, human sexuality and marriage are in focus. From the Old to the New Testament the Bible is full of relationship instruction.

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ITUNES As always, Theology Unplugged centers around what scripture says. However, in this episode, the actions of the church also take center stage.

Sam Storms traces the development of this issue from the 50’s to today. He tries to pinpoint why this issue has come to the forefront of evangelicalism.

Has your church had to deal with this issue? Did they do well? Do you think the church should accept openly homosexual members?