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The Uninvited: The Corruption

This is part of a series of blogs called “The Univited: An Allegory of Evil.” Behind? Start at the beginning here.

After the inviting of the Uninvited by the first two people, things became bad. People followed in the pattern set by that one rebellious act. The Landlord had made a promise to eventually restore creation to its original intent (more on that later) and He instructed people on the upkeep and design of their house through a master plan, but most people did not believe what the Landlord said. They began to redesign their houses in ways that they felt were the most expedient to their livelihood. They ignored the plan that the Landlord gave. Why? Continue Reading →

The Uninvited II: Crying and Sadness

Two guests that often show up a few days after the arrival of Poneros are named Crying and Sadness. They are different in type from the others I have mentioned thus far. While they come with Poneros, they are not necessarily part of his clan. I am not sure whether he lets them in or whether they have been here all along. I have often thought that they were part of the Landlord’s design of the house. Continue Reading →