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Press Release: Credo Courses Has Launched

We’re so excited to announce that Credo Courses now has its own website! Credo Courses is designed to help people know why the believe what they believe so they can better serve God.

Credo Courses Homepage

The goal of Credo House/Reclaiming the Mind Ministries has always been to make theology accessible. For two years we’ve been working on a plan to accomplish just that. We didn’t want to simply repeat what everyone else was doing, so we intentionally designed Credo Courses to be more in-depth than anything else available.

A Dream Conceived

Since my first day at seminary, I thought, “I need to do everything I can to get this stuff out there… to everyone!”  The depth and level of teaching at seminary was what so many Christians were missing out on. And it wasn’t just Christians who would benefit from what I was learning. Those just seeking to understand Christianity could also benefit.

Many of my professors had wrestled with their faith and come out stronger on the other side. I wanted everyone to be able to learn from my professors.

A Dream Born

Today, the dream of so many years ago had become a reality. You may have heard us talking about it before. You may have even helped Kickstart some of the courses. But now, Credo Courses has it’s own home online where it can focus on serving those interested in taking their religious education even deeper.

Credo Courses Logo

What You Can Expect

While many of the courses are complete, we’re launching with just one, Christian Apologetics 101 from Dr. Doug Groothius. This is the same course that Dr. Groothuis teaches at Denver Seminary.

This launch is very strategic. We’re releasing courses one at a time so that we can learn what our customers need as we go. We’ve put the website through its paces (thanks to all those who have been involved), so your experience should be smooth.

Credo Courses Are Digital First

The popularity of services like Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, and Pandora shows that digital content is becoming more popular every day. Recognizing this trend, Credo Courses are digital first.

When you purchase a digital audio or digital video version of a Credo Course (and specific lectures as we make that option available), you’ll get the following:

  • Instant Downloads: The audio and video (or both) are instantly available.
  • Streaming Access to Your Course Online 24/7: Don’t want to download all those files? No problem! You can stream your classes anytime you want.
  • Interaction: You can interact with other students by commenting on each lecture.

What You Can Do at Credo Courses

Please visit, take a look at all the courses that are “coming soon”, purchase Christian Apologetics, and let us know what you think (good and bad…but please be nice). If you’re more interested in The Book of Revelation we’ve got a 27-part course from Dr. Mark Hitchcock that we’ve already received rave feedback about.

Christian Apologetics 101 by Dr. Douglas GroothuisThe Book of Revelation by Dr. Mark Hitchcock

Perhaps you’re not ready to jump right in and buy a course. We understand. You may want to signup for the Credo Courses Newsletter so you won’t miss out on the launch of new courses, scholar interviews, and the latest coupons and sales.

We pray that Credo Courses will glorify God by bringing people the truth in a clear, compelling, well-informed way.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns just email

Credo House Fundraising Blog

Blog readers: I am fully in fundraising mode! Forgive me for using the blog to get the word out about our needs as a ministry, but it does take some begging to do what we do at the Credo House. Thankfully, I don’t have to do this as much as I used to! But the end of the year is very important to our financing. Below is my continued plea. If you are a regular blog reader and believe in what we are doing, would you consider becoming a regular contributor to our cause?


Dear Credo House Ministries Friends and Partners,

Yes, our 2011 end-of-year fundraising campaign continues. We are close to $20,000 of the $100,000 we are praying for! Thank you all so much for your support. But we need more.

My goal in this email is to continue to persuade you to partner with us in a very big way. We have talked about what we have done over the last year. We have talked about the dreams of future Credo Houses in cities all over America (with Dallas as a real possibility for the next Credo plant). Now, I want to let a few people tell you in their own words what Credo House Ministries means to them.

First, let me introduce you to Jan (not her real name). Due to life’s difficulties, she began to seriously question her faith. She was frantically searching for somewhere to turn, for someone who would listen to her. She felt very alone. Then she found hope through our ministry:

“What a comfort your blog is to me. I have been reading and reading and reading the archives. The doubts, I’m sure, will not ever fully retreat, but now I have someone who has come alongside me and provided some much-needed support and comfort. Thank you for your ministry.”

Listen to the testimony of Harmen:

“Hi, a few months ago I started feeling the urge to grow in my faith. I found your online videos for the Theology program. I have been going through your videos while following your podcast for the last two months. I am writing to thank you for what you do. . . . I am open to the questions I used to be afraid to ask. I can now discuss difficult topics with other people and I am growing in Christ every day. I have found my faith to have substance, and my foundation for growth, the soil of my heart is good. I have had a strong desire to grow since I began this new chapter of my life, and I hope God will use this experience to open doors for me in His ministry. I hope that I one day things will work out for me to go to seminary, and even have the chance to meet you. Sir you have my respect, God Bless!”

Here is another from a guy in Dallas:

“I went through the entire Theology Program videos in about 1 month. I was addicted to it! It has changed my whole outlook on theology. It has made theology fun and exciting for me. I now read all your blogs and listen to Theology Unplugged. I hope some day I can come to OK and check out the Credo House. You are an inspiration to me. The way you struggle and wrestle with the issues has influenced me greatly and I’m going through TTP a second time with several friends now here in Amman and it is really blessing us. Thank you so much for creating TTP and RTMM.”

Finally, let me introduce you to an almost atheist:

“I want you to know how much your web ministry has meant to me. It literally saved me from a lifetime of agnostic indifference, and even atheism. Your Theology course opened my eyes to the reality of what Christianity is, and dispelled the myth that “tabloid theology” force-fed me my whole life. In turn, my enthusiasm influenced my brother, and he is also now an active member of our [apologetics organization]. We even have purchased Bible Bootcamp for our group. It’s obvious to me that your ministry is a major part of God’s plan to initiate a new renaissance in Christian thinking, especially in light of the more sophisticated challenges that lay ahead of us in this new age.”

It has been ten years since I started the first theology course at 9am on a Saturday morning with twelve singles. Here we are, ten years later ,with the exact same goal and mission. Those of you who know me well know that this is what I live for. To see people believing more accurately and more deeply today than they did yesterday is not just a catchy mission statement; it is my continual prayer. I don’t think you will find many visions as big as ours. May the Lord be glorified and Christ be magnified.

We’re excited that nearly $20,000 of our $100,000 year-end goal has already been given. Thank you! Would you help us to continue to be a unique equipping ministry? Would you help us plant Credo Houses? Would you make an end-of-year donation today? Please click here to make a donation.

C Michael Patton
President and Founder, Credo House Ministries

Introducing 3 Brand-New Resources: Pre-Order Your Copies Today

1. Bible Boot Camp: How to Study the Bible

Boot CampWe’re ecstatic to be offering the next installment (volume 2) in our brand new Bible Boot Camp series: How to Study the Bible

So many people believe the Bible is accurate, yet so few actually study it regularly.  Many times this is because the reader has never been given solid tools to study the Bible. In this 4-session small-group DVD study (each session is 45 minutes) we give time-tested principles to help you better understand God’s great Word.

Session #1The Interpretive Process : lays the ground work to approach any verse.

Session #2Bridging the Historical Gap : so many are sidetracked in their Bible reading because they’ve never learned how to bridge more than 2000 years of history between us and the text.

Session #3Bridging the Literary Gap : many give up on the Bible because they’re trying to interpret every book the same, we show how appreciating the different genres of Scripture is so important for personal Bible study

Session #4Bridging the Contextual Gap : context is so important when studying the Bible, this Boot Camp wraps up with strong training in keeping the context clear as we interpret the Bible

Each session is 45 minutes long with discussion questions at the end. Perfect for your small group, Sunday school, friends, and family.

Pre-Order begins today…this all-new study will ship mid-December.


$29.99 for the 4-Disc DVD (order DVD)

$7.99 for each workbook (order workbook)

Click Here to Pre-Order Today

2. Top Ten Biblical Discoveries in Archaeology Book

Archaeology BookDo you know the 10 most significant biblical discoveries in archaeology? You will after reading this book. In just 90 highly-illustrated full-color pages you will gain an appreciation for the background and shocking discovery of these 10 priceless items. Some of the discoveries were made a couple hundred years ago, others were made more recently. This book makes a great gift for those who love the Bible and also those who doubt the historical accuracy of the Bible.

We’re proud to introduce the first book from Credo House Publishers! This book is rich in content, readable in style, and accessible in length. Written by our own Executive Director, Tim Kimberley.

Pre-order your copy today by clicking here.

3. Critical Thinking Elective

Critical ThinkingRobert Bowman has done an excellent job this semester teaching our Critical Thinking apologetics elective. This Critical Thinking class has been the most popular elective we have ever taught. Did you miss the class? Were you in the class and now want to get it into the hands of friends, family, church members, or co-workers? You can pre-order the class starting today!

The class will begin shipping on December 6th.

Pre-order your CD’s today by clicking here.

A Financial Call from Michael Patton

Most of you are reading this because you believe in what we at Reclaiming the Mind/Credo House Ministries are doing. If you don’t, no need to read any further . . .

Good, glad you are continuing to read. It is not just that you believe in our ministry or Michael Patton, but that you believe that a Christianity without a deep theological foundation is like a body without a skeleton—it can’t stand up. Most of you see how unique this ministry is in the way we engage the issues. Most of you have witnessed our unrelenting passion for God’s truth and lifting the chin of the doubting. Most of you see how much God is using us to change so many minds and deepen the roots of discipleship. Most of you have heard about the thousands of people all over the world that are reclaiming their minds through our writings, curriculum, and fellowships.

We are unique and we are committed and we will continue to be so long as God’s Spirit is with us. 

Now, I have a very bold call to make to you, even in the middle of a tough economy: 

We call on you to take the next step and join us in what we see as a theological movement of God. So many of you are already with us, but we need those of you who have not taken that step and made the decision to stand with us financially to take that step now. We need both your one time gifts and your continued monthly support.  

Please prayerfully consider how you might contribute.  

To make a one-time gift or become a monthly supporter, please go here: 

Check out the history of our ministry here.

Reclaiming the Mind/Credo House Ministries is a not-for-profit 501(c)3, so all your contributions are tax-deductible.

Michael Patton

New Programs Under Development

New Programs in 2010

We’re excited to share the new programs under development at Reclaiming the Mind Ministries. Many of you are familiar with our acclaimed theology program. While The Theology Program will always remain our flagship program, we are excited to have a few new programs come alongside it this year. The three large projects we’re looking forward to developing this year are: Boot Camp; The Discipleship Program; and The Church History Program. Would you pray for us to develop these programs in a way that brings honor to our Savior? Would you consider partnering with us in developing these new programs?

Boot Camp is a one-day equipping event geared toward church leaders. Pastors, Elders, Deacons, Small-Group leaders, Children Ministry leaders will all benefit from Boot Camp. Our objective is to make theology accessible at an intensive level. As we talk to pastors around the country many are afraid what the people in their church really believe. They may be godly people in love with Jesus, yet they have not been grounded in the foundations of our faith. Our first boot-camp will teach those foundations in an intensive 6-hour time period. Imagine churches around the country and world being equipped in the foundations of the faith from 9am-3pm on a Saturday. Boot Camp will be in Digital and DVD formats for churches to use at their convenience… KEEP READING

Three Important Announcements

1. The site is changing servers. Therefore, there will not be much activity here for the next week or so. (We are scared we will lose it).

2. Tonight, you are invited to to join our live theology session. It will be a Converse with Scholars as, author, professor at DTS, and pastor Dr. Mark Hitchcock will join our session from 10-11 EST. (No more Paltalk!!)

3. Reclaiming the Mind Ministries is in serious financial need. Specifically, we need $22,000 by the end of this week. We are also on a campaign to gain 250 supporters who will commit $1000 per year ($80 a month). If you believe in or benefit from what we are doing, please consider partnering with us in a significant way. To give either one time or monthly, go here:

Show Your Theological Pride

“I am studing at home The Theology Program and I found it the most amazing study I have ever done. You can have a total view of the Church with all it’s changes and diversity, with a good biblical justification to all their teachings.

I recommend it for all whose like to know more about the development of the Church through history, and have a spiritual feeling and understanding of what is true and what is false…”


Check out the new items and special prices. Last day for the sale!
Theology Coasters

Oh, yes, we did…

Enjoy your favorite beverage while protecting your favorite table from the dreaded “cup ring”. Reclaiming the Mind presents a very unique set of reusable coasters featuring some of the most prominent and influential (and in one instance heretical!) theologians in Christian history.  Design includes a picture of the theologian alongside a quote and a brief biographical sketch. Theologians featured: Augustine, Athanasius, C.S. Lewis, John Wesley, Martin Luther, John Calvin and Pelagius.

Introductory Price: $15

Purchase Now

Martin Luther’s 95 Theses

Perfect for your library or office.

Created on stained canvas with aged burning on the edges, this is a representation of Martin Luther’s ninety-five theses (Lat. Disputatio pro declaratione virtutis indulgentiaru) written in 1517. The ninety-five theses is an iconic catalyst for the Reformation which accounts the disputation of Luther directed toward the institutional church of the day. Comes with four ancient black nails.

Introductory Price: $35

Purchase Now

The Theology Program Complete Set

The Theology Program complete in one package!! Let C. Michael Patton, Th.M. and Rhome Dyck, Th.M. take you through a comprehensive study of Christian belief. It is like seminary for lay people! This package contains the DVD sets and individual workbooks for all six courses of The Theology Program. Buy purchasing this package you save $200.00! Package includes Introduction to Theology, Bibliology and Hermeneutics (How we got the Bible and how it is to be read), Trinitarianism (Doctrine of the Trinity), Humanity and Sin (understanding the purpose, nature, and fall of man), Soteriology (Doctrine of salvation), and Ecclesiology and Eschatology (Doctrine of the Church and end times). For more information about The Theology Program visit

Sold Separately: $714

Sale Price: $379

Purchase Now


The Theology Program PowerPoints Complete Set

All 6 PowerPoint presentations from The Theology Program.

Whether you are a teacher or learner these PowerPoints will greatly enhance your studies. Each PowerPoint set contains hundreds of slides along with presentation notes, illustrations, and further study material that will help you understand the issues being taught.

These PowerPoints are essential if you are teaching The Theology Program.

Sold Separately: $600

Sale Price: $300
(available for immediate download)

Download example

Purchase Now

What Does the Credo House Have to Do with the Blog?

Not much, just that it is keeping me from writting any blogs as we are finishing things up. I don’t think I have ever been so busy and so tired before. But we are having fun.

We should pick up on the blog in the next couple of weeks.

Oh, also, if you want, stop by the Credo House this week. Although we still have a lot to do, it looks great and is ready for a soft opening.