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Denver Seminary’s New Christian Apologetics and Ethics Master’s Degree

I wanted to post this on behalf of my friend, Sarah Geis. She messaged me the other night to ask if there were a way I could help get the word out about this excellent program at Denver Seminary. I asked Michael and he said go for it! Since Sarah is much more eloquent than myself I will just let her “do the talking.”

From Sarah Geis:

“Douglas Groothuis has established the reputation of being one of the best apologists and Christian philosophers in the Evangelical community. Now he has developed a new and exciting program in Christian apologetics and ethics. This program is very important in light of contemporary culture, and any student who studies with Groothuis and his colleagues will get first-rate training. I highly recommend this program.”  JP Moreland

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Theological Toolbar Contest – Get a Blog Added

Enter your favorite blog into the list for a chance that it gets added to the Reclaiming the Mind Theological Toolbar.

This toolbar, from what I understand, has become the most popular theological toolbar on the net, providing people with instant and easy access to what we believe to be the best theological resources, including blogs, websites, and podcasts.

There are many things to come, including a project that we have been working on for six months that will have links to hundreds of the best Christian scholars, connecting you with them and their resources instantly.

However, there have been so many request that other blogs be included in the “Christian Portal.” I understand that I don’t have exhaustive knowledge on the blogs that are out there, that is why I am opening it up to you. Get as many people as you can to vote for a blog of your choice, and there is a good chance we will add it!

Good qualifying factors:

1. Posts are frequently updated.
2. Posts are of good quality.
3. Brings up good issues.
4. Solid theological posts.
5. The blogger wants to increase visibility (remember, this will increase visibility significantly)

Help me out here. What blogs do you want to see in the toolbar?

Theological Studies Toolbar for Explorer, Firefox, and Safari

I have designed a theological toolbar to lead you to all the best and most trustworthy sites on the web.


  • Online Bibles Sites
  • Bible Study Software
  • Christian History
  • Theological Sites
  • Built in MP3 with the entire Theology Program fed into it.
  • Easy to access RSS feed to the must read Theological Blogs (P&P included of course)
  • Google search engine
  • and more…

It is very clean. Check it out.


Odds and Ends, 3.26.09

1. Zach is doing much better. No cancer! Thank you all so much for praying. I have not been able to process my joy (and surprise) at how many of you prayed. It is very encouraging. I really mean that.

2. The IRS says I owe them $2000 in back taxes! From 2005. What is up with that? I think I know where they got it wrong, but I don’t have the ability or time to research and get a hold of all the documents and testimonies (not to mention having a company change a 1099 that they won’t change). So I just paid it today. There went my return. :(

3. Something about me you did not know: I am the best break-dancer on the planet. I can do it all and I just keep getting better. Sure, no one has done this since 1982, but I am just waiting for it to come back! On a mission trip in Romania, while hanging out in the street, I noticed that the kids were break dancing! (They are a little behind.) I went to show these kids how it is really done. The kids were so excited that they called all their friends. Before I knew it there were almost a hundred neighborhood kids all watching “the crazy American.” Then their parents came to see what was going on. Then the news station. Next thing you knew I was giving the Gospel to a very large crowed of people! When I got back to the Baptist church where I was serving, the leadership pulled me aside and said, “We don’t dance here. It is not right.” That was all! Sigh . . .

4. Pop-Evangelicalism Gone Really Bad:

Ignatius from travis hawkins on Vimeo.

Can you believe it? Jesus on a galaxy? I about fell apart laughing when he told everyone to open their eyes. That was too funny.

5. How do I sinfully waste time sometimes? Playing Texas hold’em.

6. Update on mom: Mom has not recovered much from her stroke. She still just sits in the same chair watching the same movies over and over. She can’t talk or walk. Please keep praying for her and for my dad. Bill and Brenda Patton.

7. Blog plug. Shane Vaner Hart, Caffeinated Thoughts

8. The new Star Trek movie comes out May 8, who is with me?!!!

9. The Theological Word of the Day gets over 12,000 views a day! I did not expect it to take off so much in less than a year. Too bad I can’t spell. Luckily, I have people who correct it, but not until it has gone out through the feed.

10. If you get this blog by email feed, it does not show who the author is. Sometimes it is not me, so check. I get a lot of email responses for other people’s posts.

11. Book I am reading: Leaving the Fold. The author is a psychologist who helps people leave religion. She hold seminars with support groups. Interesting book, but basically has the same conceptions that are part of this same ilk. Her grip is with a very legalistic form of Christianity. She attacks it the whole time. It is not really fair, but, truthfully, it is the only form of Christianity that many people know. Sigh . . .

12. An actor that I really like: Vin Diesel. He is just cool for some reason. Almost as cool as your truly.

13. Exercise tip: There is not really a best cardio machine. Anything that gets your heart rate up consistently for 20 minutes a day is good. If you want to lose weight, go for more than 30 minutes consistently (no breaks). Your body does not start using fat calories until you have gone for more than 30 minutes. (Some say 20, but let’s be safe). (I was a fitness trainer for 8 years in the 90s.)

14. Glen Beck scares me. (I mean in a Christian sort of way.)

15. Mundane desire: I want a KX 250 dirt bike. I have wanted one since I was 15. Some day when I am rich. I drive by the Kawasaki store all the time and dream.

16. Going to teach a six week course on Apologetics at Crossings Community Church in Oklahoma City starting in four weeks. Wed nights at 6:30. You are welcome to come. It is free.

17. Yes, I am a an Untouchable.

18. Where I would like to live if I did not live here: Colorado Springs.

The Entertainment Driven Church

I recently decided to follow my own oft given advice and venture out to other churches just to see what the cultural landscape looks like and to stretch myself a bit.

First, I went to an evangelical high Anglican church. I was wanting to see something a little more traditional. Plus, according to the latest news about red wine and health, I needed a shot of the real thing. It was a rewarding experience. It was also interesting to be at a church that was not to concerned about whether I was there or not. There were no greeters at the door, no one really noticed when I came in, and they did not say anything to me as I left. This is not a criticism, but just an observation. They did not let anything take them away from their reverential service in which things were done in a particular order. Because of this, it was not a primary purpose to fill the pews with guests. If a guest came in, great. They could stay and worship, but they were not going to do back flips and moonwalk for anyone but Christ.

Next, I went to a church that was just the opposite. It was a popular non-denominational Evangelical associated church. It was much more alluring in its style, having a much more amplified voice with regards to recognizing newcomers. From the moment we got in the parking lot, there were signs welcoming us along with parking lot attendants waving. These guys were so enthusiastic you would think that they had been trained at Disney World. The signs pointed to valet parking for first time guests. I would have taken them up on the offer, but pride always rules (oh . . . and then there is that awkward feeling that you are supposed to give them some money even when they say they don’t take it). We were greeted by another enthusiastic character, a very nice young man, who led us around. When we told him we were first time visitors, he said “Oh, VIPs?” We then were introduced everywhere we went under this title “VIPs” (Very Important Persons). When others would hear that we were VIPs, they would have a look of excitement mixed with anxiousness. The anxiousness seemed to come from an underlying understanding that their church was focused on bringing in newcomers. Then . . . they led us to the children’s area. Continue Reading →

Nine Odds and Ends

1. I found this study interesting considering much talk about how the present postmodern generation tends to be less committed than previous generations.

Members of the Millennial generation are just as likely to open their wallets to charities as those born decades earlier . . . 

[Study] showed that young donors are as generous as those from older generations.

“We thought we would see some real differences, but giving across generations is not all that different,” says Edith Falk, chair and CEO of Chicago-based fundraising consultancy Campbell & Co.

. . . All other factors being equal, the study showed, the average giving level of Millennials is about the same as that of other generations.

2. Six Prayers God Always Answers (*Results May Vary) is a new book from Tyndale that explores some of the mysteries of prayer in a winsome and helpful way. In a chapter entitled “Prayers God Rarely Answers” the authors Mark Harringshaw and Jennifer Schuchmann say “Some questions get us in too deep, dredging up bottom filth that we never bargined for. Some questions are too big. Why is one of them.”

3. Theology Unplugged and Converse with Scholars. As we are anticipating some major “upgrades” here at Reclaiming the Mind, both TUP and CWS have been put on hold. Expect to continue to see them, but they will be more spuratic until the end of the Summer.

4. Pray for Ed Komoszewski. As you know, Ed has been such an important part of this ministry for some time now. He is also a dear friend. He has some serious health problems and is in need of prayer. As is the case whenever problems like this arise, there are many financial difficulties that he and his family are enduring. Please pray for this as well. I don’t want to share too many details here on the blog, but those of you who desire more details and would like to help, please let me know though email.

5. Bob Practico list the Top Ten Theological Scams.

6. Darth Vader Golfing:

7. Six reasons why Batman could take Yoda

1. Batman is taller.
2. Batman is smarter.
3. Batman would already know how to reverse the effect of the force.
4. The dark side would be mistaken for the Dark Knight and Yoda would compromise the code.
5. Yoda would simply be too scared to fight.
6. The anti-force alarm in the Batbelt.

8. Sproul on the difference between salvation and justification (love it!)

9. Was Noah’s flood local, global, parable, myth, or legend? What a conversation going on here.

Getting to know each other

Since we have so many people who not only frequent this blog, but also post, I thought it would be good for us to take an oppertunity to get familiar with each other. I know that these tests are not always acurate, but I did find this particular one helpful. It seems to ask the right questions. Anyway, here is my profile. Click on this link, take the test, get the code and then post yours in a response below so that we can see yours! It is really easy.

Notice, I am an “Orignator, Intellectual.” Oh yeah. I am telling my wife.

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Friday Night Odds and Ends

Christianity Today links to Reclaiming the Mind (ETS Papers).

The Theology Program started this week: We have a great group. If you would still like to enroll, you can. Go here. (God is calling to you to join.)

Parchment and Pen sister blog: The Submerging Influence is now open. Sorry to Euangelion for taking their name for so long :) Hey . . . its a good name. By the way, from what I have seen Euangelion is a great blog. Worth a look.

Blog of the week: Tom in the Box. This is theological satire at its best. How does this guy come up with all this stuff? Continue Reading →