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A Summary of Justo Gonzalez’s Visit to Credo House

I just sat down after a long day’s events. Phew! What a day.

As part of the “Converse with Scholars” series at the Credo House, our special guest for an entire day of festivities was Justo Gonzalez. For those of you who don’t know him, shame on you! Here is a list of some of his works available on Amazon. We started the day with our “Lunch with Scholars” (an event reserved for members of the Credo House), followed by two special sessions of Theology Unplugged (to be published in the next week or two).  After that, we moved to our book signing, called “Coffee with Scholars;” finally, we ended the day with our special main event, called “An Evening with Scholars.” Justo’s main topic was “How Heresy has Helped the Church.”

It was a great time. It was particularly special for Tim and me as we were able to meet and hang out with one of our great heroes. Justo is lively, light-hearted, and fun. I knew he was a great scholar, but these three characteristics surprised me. Moreover, it was a wonderful treat to meet his wife Catherine. I had no idea that she is not only a former church history professor, but quite the scholar herself. We had fun with the fact that she is a Presbyterian, while Justo is a Methodist.

Here are some highlights from the day’s events:

Justo said that one of the greatest heresies happens when we believe that everyone else is a heretic. I found this very interesting and particularly profound, coming from someone of his stature. I certainly agree that doctrinal legalism leads to a snobbery that eventually, despite our best intentions, begins to shroud the Gospel with a dark blanket of obscurity leading to deadness in the church. We need to be very careful that we don’t draw our lines of doctrinal stability so tight that no one can fit inside those lines but us.

Cardinal Newman once said “To be deep into history is to cease to be Protestant.” Continue Reading →

Converse with Scholars at the Credo House: Mark Hitchcock and the World's End in 2012

Here is something that you may yet to have heard of. It is the supposed worlds in in 2012 predicted by the Mayan calendar. There is a 200 million dollar moving coming out at Christmas about this. It is something about which pastors and, indeed, all Christians need to be aware.

Mark was invited to the Credo House to discuss this because of his resent studies in the area and his new book on the subject.

Mark Hitchcock – 2012, The Bible, and the End of the World from Michael Patton on Vimeo.

Tom Schreiner on Converse with Scholars this Thursday . . . Again!

Considering the recent conversion of Francis Beckwith to Roman Catholicism, we have asked Dr. Tom Schreiner to join the program once again this Thursday evening on Converse with Scholars to discuss the Reformed doctrine of Justification. We will focus our concern on the differences between the Roman Catholic view and that of the Reformers. That is two weeks of Schreiner in a row! (See here for a list of Dr. Schreiner’s books).

All are welcom to join. This will be a live interactive online conversation. Find out how to join by clicking the graphic.

Hope to see you there.

Essential Differences Between Catholics and Protestants

Considering the issues that have come up concerning Beckwith’s conversion/return to Catholicism, I suggest that we understand the essential differences between Protestants and Catholics. Theology Unplugged put together a series devoted to this a few months ago. They are all available on MP3. If you have time, listen to them. They can be found here. Continue Reading →

Getting to Know Sam Storms (modified)

Since Sam Storms is our special guest on Converse with Scholars this week, I thought that I would introduce you to him by pointing you to his website: This website has a wealth of theological, biblical, and historical material that is of the highest quality. I encourage you all to visit the site in preparation for this weeks program. Oh, let me give you the details: Dr. Storms will be here, live, online, this Thursday evening at 10pm EST to discuss Calvinism as a follow up to our conversation with Roger Olson last week about Arminianism. Olson’s interview can be accessed here. Download it here: Find out how to join here.