C. Michael Patton

Michael Patton

Michael received a bachelor of arts in biblical studies at University of Biblical Studies and Seminary in Bethany, OK. He received a master of theology degree in New Testament Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary. Michael is the president of Reclaiming The Mind Ministries. He is also a speaker on Theology Unplugged, a Internet radio broadcast found at Reclaiming the Mind Ministries.

Follower of Christ. Beautiful wife; great mom. Sooner. Father. Tennis. Basketball. PowerPoint. Superman. Computers. Books. “Todd Stories” that I make up for my girls. Romans. U2. A Mighty Fortress is Our God. Diet Dr. Pepper. Can’t spell. Late nights.

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  1. Michael – How are you?! I work at Sherman Bible Church in Sherman now. My boss, Larry Boatright, is a blog finatic and found this site. I was so excited! Just wanted to say hi. I hope you guys are doing well. Where do you live now? Did you move? We’re doing extremely well these days…still loving being married. :) Wendy will be in town with her new husband this weekend, so we’ll be visiting Stonebriar together. I can’t wait! I don’t think I’ve been since we moved. If Jason knew I was writing you, I know he’d want me to say hi, so hi! :) …Casey

  2. Michael,

    I just enrolled in the Theology course, and then looked at this blog. In your Sept. 6 article, you state that new converts to Christianity were called “a catechumenate”.

    Shouldn’t that be “a catechumen”, with the time period during which one is a catechumen, or the state of being a catchumen, called the “catechumenate” ??

    In other words, catechumens are people who are in the catechumenate, and the catechumenate lasts three years.

    Analogous to the monastic scene: new monks are novices,
    i.e. they are in the novitiate …

    Anyway, I look forward to studying with your program. Good to re-establish a Dallas connection. We lived in the metroplex for five years through 1989, attending Community Bible Chapel in Richardson, under the teaching of Bob Deffinbaugh.

    Because of the time difference (I live in Austria) I guess I won’t make the live meetings (sounds like 3 or 4 in the morning) but forum interaction is not bad either.


    Wolf Paul

  3. Thanks Michael for responding to my blog comment and sending those links. I will get to them soon. I read and enjoyed your balanced observation on the Emergent Church and Postmodernism. Now with you and your fellow scholars all seeming to be Dallas Theological Seminary grads is it fair to assume you are all Dispensationalist? Last, have you heard of this Cuban man who believes he is Jesus Christ. I saw a 20/20 or Sixty Minutes program on this guy and was amazed that so many people could be so easily duped. I think his church is in Miami, but he has a house in Houston. I wonder if he is truely delusional or if he is a con artist? I am new to this site and look forward to reading more. Thanks.

  4. Thanks Bruce. I have heard of that guy. He is off the wall. Typical that he could gain a following.

    I am a dispensationalist . . . More specifically, I am a progressive dispensationalist. Even more specifically, I am a Progressive convanentalist.

    Thanks much for your comments!

  5. I have really enjoyed the classes offered on bible.org which you taught.
    What do you know about the doctrine of recapitulation?

  6. I don’t know where to reply to the poll, since I chose none of the above. I would say that the divorced are permitted to remarry after their former spouse has passed away.

  7. Michael. I really enjoyed your sermon Sunday. I know I was kind of
    rude saying stupid stuff instead of showing my love for you and your
    mom and dad. I have always wondered about the story in Luke
    you preached on today. You made it very clear. I’d vote for you to replace Chuck when he passes should the Lord line up those events
    to happen.

    I loved to see all the singles “five years later” come out of the
    woodwork Sunday. They usually sit apart but something brought
    them together after the service. For my money it was your impact
    and love you so willing poured out in the days past. Thank You and
    may your family thrive in the difficult times ahead. al

  8. Riddle me this: Why do heretic “pastors” like C. Michael Patton always look like ten pounds of shit stuffed in a five pound suit?

    No wonder the Saviour spews such cretins from His mouth.


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