Have I Committed the Unforgivable Sin?

Have I committed the unforgivable sin?

Some of you will be surprised, but this is a terrifying feeling of panic, doubt, and spiritual fatigue expressed by some Christians. I receive email after email from scared Christians who cannot relieve the anxiety of their feeling that they have committed a sin that cannot be forgiven by God. Because of this, they feel hopeless, without an advocate in this world that can rescue them from the fires of hell.

Where does anyone get such an idea? Well, from the Bible. Mark 3:28-29 says:

Mark 3:28-29
“Truly, I say to you, all sins will be forgiven the children of man, and whatever blasphemies they utter, 29 but whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit never has forgiveness, but is guilty of an eternal sin”

This fearful passage is repeated in all three synoptics (Matt. 12:31-32; Luke 12:10).

The difficulty is obvious: the Gospel of Jesus Christ presents unqualified forgiveness to all who repent of their sins (1 John 1:9; Rom. 10:13; John 3:16; et al). This is why the Gospel is so easy to preach. There are no reservations for those who tell of God’s love and hope. No matter what a person has done or thought in the past, God offers hope through the cross of Christ. John 6:37 says, “All that the Father gives Me will come to Me, and the one who comes to Me I will certainly not cast out.” It does not say, “I will certainly not cast out…unless they have committed a sin that is beyond hope of repentance.”

So how do we reconcile this “unforgivable sin” with the clear message of forgiveness found throughout the Bible? I will try to answer this, but more importantly, I want to answer the question of whether or not you have committed this sin and are beyond hope.

What is blasphemy?

The word “blasphemy” is not an easy word to define. It is used many ways in many contexts. Today, many people think that saying certain curse words such as G-D constitutes blasphemy. Others see it as accepting divine acclamation and authority. I have many people who believe that it is thinking a bad thought about God, like “I hate God” or “Get out of my life!” None of these are true.

Almost all lexicons define this word as having to do with speech. It is something uttered or spoken. BADG says that it is “to speak in a disrespectful way that demeans, denigrates, maligns.”

What is blasphemy of the Holy Spirit?

Jesus says that people can be forgiven of any sin, even blasphemy against him. But for some reason, blasphemy of the Holy Spirit is a distinct type of sin.

Now, it is important to note that in no account do we find the religious leaders who caused Jesus to issue this warning mention the Holy Spirit at all. Therefore, how can we say they actually uttered anything against him? All they did was attribute the works of Christ to the works of Satan. After Jesus had performed a miracle — healing a man and casting out a demon — the religious leaders said:

Mark 3:22 “The scribes who came down from Jerusalem were saying, ‘He is possessed by Beelzebul,’ and ‘He casts out the demons by the ruler of the demons.'”

Everything we see here seems to be speaking against Christ, not the Holy Spirit. However, the reality is that when one speaks against Christ in such a way, he is speaking against the Holy Spirit.

These religious leaders were attributing the work of God, which had its power in the Holy Spirit, to Satan. They were basically saying that Christ was not who he said he was and his life and work were energized by the Devil, not God. This is a pretty serious accusation. And, again, is it very important to note that they did not actually speak these words out loud about the Holy Spirit, but Christ knew the words were expressions of the beliefs of their heart. Keep that in mind as it is not really about speaking, but the heart behind the words spoken. As Christ said:

Mat 15:18-19
“But the things that proceed out of the mouth come from the heart, and those defile the man. 19 “For out of the heart come evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, slanders [blasphemies].”

These people who committed the unforgivable sin truly believed, deep in their hearts, that Christ was of the devil. And this was a willful persistent belief about which they sought no repentance. It was not merely the words spoken.

Have you committed the unforgivable sin?

It all comes down to this question. Have you committed the unforgivable sin? I don’t know. But I do know this, if you are worried that you have committed this sin and it is causing great anxiety upon your soul before God, then I don’t think you have. If you believe that Christ is God, his works were of God, and he died for your sins, then I absolutely know you have not committed it. To commit it requires a willful, persistent, lifelong rejection of Christ’s work. You don’t even have to know about the Holy Spirit.

Sam Storms puts it this way:
“Those who are most worried that they may have committed the unpardonable sin have not. This is a sin for while there is no concern, no conviction, and no anxiety, and thus no repentance. It is a sin that is so hard-hearted and willful and persistent and defiant that the one committing it couldn’t care less that he or she is committing it.” (Tough Topics, 88-89)

Another thing to consider is this: If this sin was so easy to commit, for example, a person says a certain formula or puts a particular set of words together, why isn’t this mentioned many times in Scripture? More than that, why isn’t it more clearly laid out? The closest we have is from Paul in 1 Cor. 12:33: “Therefore I make known to you that no one speaking by the Spirit of God says, ‘Jesus is accursed'; and no one can say, ‘Jesus is Lord,’ except by the Holy Spirit.” But notice, if you say “Jesus is Lord” (which is an expression of your heart), then this is from the Holy Spirit. It is the opposite of the unforgivable sin. If you believe that Jesus is Lord, you cannot have ever committed the unforgivable sin.

If you look throughout church history, you will find multiple views about this sin. At the same time, there is agreement that one who has trusted Christ cannot commit this sin. For Origen, it is only those who have finally and decisively turned their backs from grace. Novatian calls it defiance of the ground of the Christian faith and life. And Augustine says that this text does not suggest that blasphemy makes repentance impossible.

The point is that this sin is not really a unique sin. It is an ultimate rejection of the Gospel. It is never coming to Christ for repentance. It is looking at Christ and laughing in your heart with a persistent rebellion against the power of the Spirit who is giving testimony about him (John 15:26). Therefore, while I understand the fear that people may have about this sin, I can promise you that if you have ever come to Christ, recognizing who he is, and said “Have mercy on me, the sinner,” then there is no possibility that you have committed this sin. Take comfort in this. The devil may be trying to rob you of your security by whispering in your ear that you must take ownership of a sin you can never own.

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  1. Great post, I know many people worry over this.

    • so does this mean i can stop panicing about this because he said if you were panicked by this you have not commited it because you were worryed but what if i stop panicing because i know i havent commited it anymore because i read this i still and always love Christ im not sure if this was clear enough to understand so let me know if you need more detail

    • How do I know that the holy spirit is no longer helping me? Should I take my life? The holy spirit doesn’t love me anymore. god do sent love neither does Jesus. There r people who have sinned worse than me and god forgives them. Y would god let me go to hell?

      • God will always love you no matter what. When you confess with your mouth and believe in your heart that Christ is your Lord and Savior nothing can ever take you from His grasp. You are His from now until eternity. You never have to worry about going to hell. The enemy will try to make you think that and doubt your salvation, but he can never take it from you nor from God. You can’t even do anything to escape God’s love. His grace is infinitely more than we will ever understand in this life. Read Romans 8:38 -39. That provides just a snapshot of His unfailing love for us. You absolutely should not take your own life. Christ gave His life for us so that we can live. Therefore our lives are no longer our own, they are His. He has so many great things planned for you. I know life and our spiritual journey can seem unbearable at times, but just keep believing and trusting that no matter how dark things are or how dark you may feel, Christ will never leave us nor forsake us.

  2. I also know that the threat of blaspheming the Holy Spirit is something that is often leveled against Christians in what I call the hyper Charismatic movement. If you question some of the “manifestations” that happen there that are attributed to the Holy Spirit and come to believe that another spirit is behind some of that stuff, this threat is something that can be leveled against you. “Be careful that you don’t blaspheme the Holy Spirit.”

    I know this happens from personal experience. It was something that was once told to me when I was in the midst of some of this stuff and really questioning it. It is a very frightening thing to have some one tell you at that point.

  3. Read Mark 3:20-35. His own family were the ones who told the teachers of the law. Do you really think Mary and his brother James who later went on to write the Book of James committed the unforgivable sin? I consider the blasphemy of the Spirit as denial of the Lord God. The denial could be saying Jesus was demon possessed or that he never existed and so on.

    I would say to the doubter and the one fearful is to look at Paul. Paul was a Pharisee, the worst of Pharisees. God used Paul to show God’s patience to those who would believe. Jesus said he would never cast out who would come to him.

    I’m not sure if I am allowed to post my email or not, but I you can email me at for those hard passages as I once struggled with them as well. You know, the ones in Hebrews.

  4. and no one can say, ‘Jesus is Lord,’ except by the Holy Spirit.”

    amen,thank you for Your faithfulness Lord

    It is a trustworthy statement: for if we died with Him, we will also live with Him; If we endure, we will also reign with Him; If we deny Him, He also will deny us; If we are faithless, He remains faithful, for He cannot deny Himself. 2 Tim 2 11-13

    But realize this, that in the last days difficult times will come.. (men) holding to a form of godliness, although they have denied its power; Avoid such men as these. 2 Tim 3: 1,5


    If you were not saved, that thought would not enter your mind. Jesus said, “Nothing can make Me lose you.” Nothing means nothing!

    Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit is denial of the Divinity of Jesus. You have until your final breath to accept the Truth.

  6. “There are no reservations for those who tell of God’s love and hope.”

    (Except for whether they are preaching to the Calvinistic non-elect, mumble mumble. {wry g})

    But I broadly agree with everything else Michael, except that on the details of the incident those Pharisees might not have actually believed or cared whether Jesus really was healing by the power of Satan — the key point seems to be that they were willing to contradict the standards they themselves operated on in order to oppose Jesus, thus acting against the very principles of truth, which naturally would be a blasphemy against the Holy Spirit not merely mistaken blasphemy about Christ: they did know better but insisted on trying to cheat in order “to hate without a cause” (and to attribute the salvation of someone whose “latter state was worse than their first” to Satan rather than to God. If someone denies “The Lord Saves” or “The Lord Is Salvation”, so to speak, then how can they themselves be saved?)

    MacDonald, btw, used to teach that every sin was the sin against the Holy Spirit (since after all one cannot sin at all without sinning against the Holy Spirit), but was only unforgivable so long as someone refused to repent of it. This fits why in the Markan version of the scene, Jesus (in the Greek) stresses the utter scope of God’s forgiveness more strongly than the sin which has no forgiveness but is “a sin into the eon”: God’s powerful mercy is greater than the sin against the Holy Spirit, and so far as sin exceeds the grace of God hyper-exceeds for not as the sin is the grace.

    Still, until there is repentance no forgiveness can be accomplished, even where God is leading the person to repentance and reconciliation.

  7. I think you should write about “grieving” the Holy Spirit.

  8. I appreciated reading this post. I spent my junior high years convinced that I had committed this sin by using a swear word in front of the words Holy Spirit, due to my own misunderstanding of what blasphemy really is. It was so bad that I had to listen to the radio at night when I went to bed, because I would get so scared knowing that I wasn’t going to heaven that I would feel sick. I had to listen to the radio so that my mind wouldn’t dwell on it. A long time ago, but very much a part of my testimony. God has been faithful to make sure I know that I truly hadn’t committed that sin.

  9. Truth Unites... and Divides August 6, 2013 at 12:36 pm

    “Have I Committed the Unforgivable Sin?”

    If you say that Marvel Comics is better than DC Comics, then you have not committed the Unforgivable Sin.

  10. In the KJV, The cited passage in Mark seems to be conditional: “is in danger” implies that this type of blasphemy can result in eternal condemnation but can yet be repented, or some idea to this effect. I doubt that the mere utterance of words will de facto prevent one’s salvation – but a lack of confession in faith can condemn one – as Jesus said, our own words (or lack thereof) condemn us.
    Also, it is interesting to me that God the Father has a name (YHVH), God the Word has a name, (YESHUA), but we are given no personal name of God the Spirit.
    Lastly, charismatics who use this passage as a threat ought rather to defend their questionable manifestations with scripture. I personally see no precedent in scripture for falling down and grunting, etc. during the assembly.

  11. Lastly, charismatics who use this passage as a threat ought rather to defend their questionable manifestations with scripture. I personally see no precedent in scripture for falling down and grunting, etc. during the assembly.

    AMEN and thank you!

    Of course the defense that is often used is, “God is doing a new thing.” Which is, of course, a snippet of Scripture ripped totally out of context.

  12. Theology 101 Context…which you missed

    The context is of accusing Christ during his earthly ministry, when doing works by the power of the Holy Spirit, instead, being empowered by the Evil one. Christ’s earthly ministry ended with his death and resurrection. At best one might assert this possible during the Millennium if one holds to Millennialism but as of now Christ is not present in an earthly ministry and thus this form of blapsemy can of be committed.

    The text has and/or says nothing about the gospel beung believed or not believed, that is an eisegetical rationalistic insertionIt is about the empowerment of the earthly work of Christ being a caused of Satanic origin and against its true source, God the Holy Spirit.

    Finally, the logic of claiming reject the gospel is what TBHS us fails. Men and women reject the gospel many times before believing it and are, of course, completely forgiven.

  13. In his sermon, “The Comer’s Conflict with Satan,” C.H. Spurgeon addresses this issue:

    “…if the devil cannot overcome you there [through the use of terrible falsehoods], he tries another method; he takes all the threatening passages out of God’s Word, and says they all apply to you. He reads you this passage, “There is a sin unto death; I do not say that ye should pray for it.” “There,” says the devil, “the apostle did not say he could even pray for the man who had committed certain sins.” Then he reads, that “sin against the Holy Ghost shall never be forgiven.” “There,” he says, “is your character: you have committed sin against the Holy Ghost, and you will never be pardoned.” Then he brings another passage: “Let him alone; Ephraim is joined unto idols.” “There,” says Satan, “you have had no liberty in prayer lately; God has let you alone; you are given unto idols; you are entirely destroyed;” and the cruel fiend is to be lost. But do not believe him my dear friends. No man has committed the sin against the Holy Ghost as long as he has grace to repent; it is certain that no man can have committed that sin if he flies to Christ and believes on him. No believing soul can commit it; no penitent sinner ever has committed it. If a man be careless and thoughtless—if he can hear a terrible sermon and laughed it off, and put away his convictions—if he never feels ay strivings of conscience, there is a fear that he may have committed that sin. But as long as you have any desires for Christ, you have no more committed that sin than you have flown up to the stars and swept cobwebs from the skies. As long as you have any sense of your guilt, any desire to be redeemed, you cannot have fallen into that sin; as a penitent you may still be saved, but if you had committed it, you could not be penitent.”

  14. not a Calvinist August 16, 2013 at 6:41 pm

    I’m not a Calvinist, but I do appreciate my Calvinist friends. So I have a question about the unpardonable sin that I can’t figure out, and I’m not “trolling” by asking this. It’s probably just my misunderstanding of reformed thought.

    From a Calvinist perspective, who is it that can commit the unpardonable sin? I mean, obviously the elect can’t or else that would negate the perseverance of the saints. But it seems like it would be no big deal if the non-elect committed the unpardonable sin since all their sins are unpardonable anyway since they were not chosen for forgiveness. Is that right? So if only the non-elect are in danger of this unpardonable sin, why would Jesus even address it? Again, I’m not trolling. I honestly don’t understand this from a Calvinist perspective.

    • Dear friend, I was once an OSAS, and I have to say, that those who asked Christ in there heart, is the beginning of a relationship, not the end. If I was saved, then there is nothing more to hope for, and I can do whatever I want because only God can judge me. asking HIm into our hearts is the engagement, the marriage is in Heaven, not here. Thus, you can fall away if you have asked Christ into your heart. There is a verse in Romans 8:9 “But ye are not in the flesh, but in the Spirit, if so be that the Spirit of God dwell in you. Now if any man have not the Spirit of Christ, he is none of his.”

  15. Hello, I suffer from a form of OCD called Scrupulosity. Is it possible you may as well? Basically, this form of OCD affects our spiritual life, making us have intrusive, disgusting thoughts that we do not want that may be blasphemous, I know mine certainly are, and because I am a believer I feared for a long time and still; struggle with feeling I cannot be forgiven. I had always been told that if I had done the unpardonable sin that I would not care, but I didn’t really understand that until I was thinking about it at church. God is love, and everything He does for us is because He loves us, the Bible says NOTHING can separate us from His love. In the Bible it says, And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient; which meant to me that once that you can or will never come to repentance, God turns you over to like a non caring state is my interpretation of this verse. So, I thought but I KNOW that there is a Heaven and a Hell, and I believe in God and Jesus, how could I NOT care that I was going to hell? Then I thought God would not tell me if I was condemned to Hell because he knows that would make me miserable and God loves us and would not do that, also, like wise, He would not have me keep asking knowing that I was worried about it because he does not give us a spirit of fear, God would want us to be happy in our lives, I believe He wants us more then anything to be happy living in Him, but if we choose not to, He is not a forceful God, but He still wants us happy, so I believe that is why He gave them over to a reprobate mind. I believe that the reason why I you would not care, is because God would not want you to worry, so he may put you in a state of mind to where you don’t think about it. I feel very strongly that God wants us happy. I do believe also, that if you are concerned, you have not done it. I would type more but I am out of space. God bless you…

  16. i came to know jesus christ in 2009. i have been flopping from church to church i was on fire for god and i was reading his word i was praying three times a day.

    i had a big goal for 2012. i wanted to win souls for christ. i would always pass out tracks and i always wanted to street preach and Evangelize to the lost.

    Well the fall of 2011 somethings happened that changed everything. there is a passage of scripture in matthew chapter 12 about the unforgiveable sin

    well sir one day i was walking home and i heard a audible voice say the holy spirit is demonic. i immediatly paniced cried. because i never ever had this happen to me before

    the voices attack me alot they mostly blaspheme the holy spirit and jesus. and they threatned me alot. they will say things like god never loved you. jesus never died for you. jesus hates you.

    jesus has demons harassing you. the holy spirit is the devil. the holy spirit hates you. jesus hates black people

    if i try to come back to god they will say if you read that bible we will torment you with blasphemies again.

    pastor it came to a point where i wanted to kill myself. they have also been bothering me today all day. they mostly come at night

    i have seen visions of myself in hell. if i am laying on my couch i get real dizzy like the couch is going in circles

    the voices begged me to have my body and soul. they will not leave me alone. they torment me all the time

    i am not schizophrenic. pastor please before you reply to this message please pray. i am afraid i committed the unforgiveable sin. because i hear these voices

    please pray and let me know what god tells you

    i really need too know if i am still his before i can proceed further.

    Please tell me what god says

  17. The voices always harass me mostly at night they will say jesus has Demons harassing me. They will tell me to kill myself and that he never died for my sins…. He,doesnt love me

    The voice says the holy spirit hates black people and how i am Demonic

    And when ever i tell people about this they always get fearful and say oh dont tell anyone about me….. Dont listen to them

    The audible voices for the two years this has happened has been,wanting me to kill myself

    I was on fire,for God and wanted to witness to people i would pass out Gospel tracks to people

    My Desire was to tell people about jesus and to see souls saved.

    Then when i came across the passages about the unpardonable sin i was always afraid to even discuss the topic because i didnt want to touch on the,subject because i was that afraid to guess what it was

    Then right before the voices started bothering me i was Doubting my salvation… The church where i was going to they spoke in tongues

    I didnt so i was even doubting i was,saved because i didnt speak in tongues. So the pastor at that church was never supportive of me

    He really didnt seem interested in the,fact i was Doubting salvation. So anyhow a person from the pentecostal church told me i didnt have the. Holy spirit because i did not speak in tongues

    So i believe there was a Door that was opened for these voices to come in

    I never ever heard this ever.

    Please pray before replying

  18. Anonymus, the voices you are hearing are lies, and are certainly not from the Lord. The enemy of our souls seeks only to steal, kill, and destroy. His plan is to get you to doubt your Shepherd (Christ), then to get you to leave your Shepherd. Don’t let him succeed! Jesus has come so that you “may have life, and that abundantly.” “The Son of Man has come to seek, and to save, that which was lost.”

    There are many difficult passages in Scripture, and many of them contain the word “If…” (If they fall away, If we sin willfully, etc.) Some believers wonder IF they have blasphemed the Holy Spirit, and become so frightened by these passages that they can lose sight of the promises of Jesus. Please, meditate on the promises that Jesus makes:

    The one who comes to Me I will IN NO WISE cast out.

    Come to Me, ALL you who labor and are heavy-laden, and I WILL give you rest.

    Whoever hears My words and believes Him Who sent Me HAS everlasting life, and WILL NOT come into condemnation, but IS passed from death to life.

    In other words, do not let an “If” override a promise from God the Son Himself. The stern words of Jesus were to the hardened and impenitent. I do not know of a single incident where Jesus rebuked a sinner who repented and came to Him. Even in the Book of Revelation, the stern words of the Risen Christ to the seven churches are followed by words of invitation and promises to those who repent. (Even to the Laodiceans, He said, “As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten.”) But rebuke is not rejection.

    If we have sinned against Him, we need to repent, but the promises of the Gospel are true, and eternal. “By Him ALL who believe are justified from ALL things, from which you could not be justified by the Law of Moses.”

    P.S. Please do not believe that you are abandoned by God if you do not speak in tongues. HE distributes His gifts to His children as He sees fit. Please read through 1 Corinthians 12 – 14.


    I just read your posts about hearing voices and seeing visions of yourself in hell and doubting your salvation and THIS is what you NEED to know:


    As someone who believes in Jesus as their Lord & Saviour, THIS is the authority YOU have over those demons tormenting you. The “serpants and scorpians” are satan and his demons, the ones who are lying to you and tormenting you.

    RIGHT NOW, open your mouth and read that verse I posted out loud. Read it EVERY time you hear the voices or see the visions or feel scared, AND ALSO SAY THIS:

    “I am a child of the Most High God, so every demon tormenting me, you must bow your knee to the greater One in me. I bind you now in the mighty Name of Jesus Christ.”

    Because you stated that you desired to evangelise, I believe wholeheartedly that THIS is why the demons started attacking you. They know that MANY souls are going to be saved from hell because YOU told those precious people the Gospel. I also believe that God Himself put that desire to evangelise in your heart, because He plants His desires in our hearts when we get saved – and of course the most important job in the world is Evangelsim.

    So Anonymous, PLEASE read this and take it very seriously. You MUST, you are required by God to, exercise your authority over all demon powers by using His Word and the authrity that you have in Christ. The demons tormenting you are actually SCARED of YOU, because they look at you and they see Christ. Remember that. They know that as long as they can get you to doubt your salvation, you will not be able to overcome them because you will not use your God-given authority in Chist over them.

    Remember, SPEAK aloud and bind the demons in the Name of Jesus EVERY time they manifest. No matter what they say rebuke…

    • Thank you so much for this! I knew that God hadn’t left me. I was also tormented with thoughts similar to Anonymous, the voices and the heavy guilt of even thinking those thoughts. I was so afraid that I had really bad anxiety attacks when I would go to sleep. The enemy would just bring something up from my past that I had said whether it was out of lack of understanding or something like when I guess I prophesied on a young boy at this church I said he would be a mighty man of God. I even had thoughts of doubt of me speaking in tongues and it’s source whether I was faking or foreal (which I know is not the only sign of salvation). I truly believe that the enemy is trying to attack me because God has just delivered me from an habitual sin that I had for years ever since I came from a Christian summer training program in Atlanta. I asked God to restore the joy of salvation and He is. But the enemy kept trying to make me doubt my salvation. Thank for saying this again. We dont have to be captive to thoughts but washed in the blood and renewed by the truth. Now I want a lot of people that are in my life to be saved and God is using me…the enemy doesn’t want that to happen. Thank you so much. God bless you.

  20. Hi,
    I Am scared i committed it as well. I have neverbeen baptized, though i have always believed in God. I recently came back to God after kind of falling away. I came across the unforgivable sin in the Bible and i became so scared I’d blasphemed because my fiancé and i used to go see a psychic, which i know now are not good to go to as a Christian. I’m scared because I’m afraid that by thinking that this persons abilities might have been from God, that i attributed satanic things to god, hence having committed it. I can’t stop crying about it and i feel so scared, i just found God again. I don’t want to go to hell. Also i think i should mention this psychic was in a thing. It was mostly for fun, i was so clueless i didn’t even know at the time there was such a thing as the unforgivable sin. I only found out what that was like a week ago. I’m so scared because i love god so much i feel so hopeless, if i could take it back now i would. I.still plan on being baptized.

  21. Thank you so much for the posts about hearing the horrible voices and the reassurances above. I have also been tormented by this and I believe the Lord led me to this website’s messages to help me. God bless.

  22. I am terrified. Several years ago I was angry with Go d and in a place of deep hurt and took it out on God and the Holy Spirit by saying something along the lines of comforter being a joke. I was immediately sorry and asked of forgiveness. Did I blow it? Am I beyond hope????? I am very upset about this. Thank you for answering me.

    • Hi Suzanne,

      Thank you for sharing. I want to know:

      -Did you actually say this aloud?
      -Has God shown you forgiveness to you since this happened?

      Thank you again,


  23. i became a christian in 2009 and i first started reading the bible in 2010 and i first came across this scripture and always was afraid to guess what the unpardonable sin was… and in 2011 i heard a audible voice tell me the holy spirit is satan. the holy spirit is evil. the holy spirit hates black people. jesus is a demon ect. voice even says jesus never died for me. i was tormented for three years

    which now has me even doubting if i am even gods chilc

    before anyone replies. please pray first and let me know what god says

    • i have prayed.
      God loves you. Unfortunately there seem to exist some entities out there; spirits of devil worshippers and the like who seem to have power to speak to our consciouness and tell us terrifying things.
      I believe this is what you are going through.
      And wish you all the best of mental health.

  24. Do you hear from God at all? Anyhow i always have believed God hated me because of some of the Abuse and Neglect i have gone through in my life… anyhow i became a christian in 2009 i was really on fire for God….. i was in my word alot and prayed three times a day and wanted to Evangelize to the lost

    i started having my doubts about my salvation in 2011 when i was told by a Pentecostal christian i was not saved because i did not speak in tongues and that i was not filled with the holy spirit

    Anyhow i came across this scripture about the “Unpardonable Sin” and i always feared guessing what that sin was….

    All of a sudden i started being tormented by voices saying holy spirit is satan. Demonic. Evil. hates you ect. i cried and cried and cried. i stayed up for three hours crying because of the ‘Unpardonable sin”

    i called my pastor at the time to see if he could help me all he told me was to repent and hung up on me. i cried. and said my life is over. God hates me and i am ruined

    The voices torment me day and night. they tell me that God hates me and that God will say to me that satan was right you blasphemed the holy spirit. the voice says jesus never died for my sins and that he is a myth…

    the voice says the holy spirit is a demon. and that he hates me

    if you hear from God please go to him in prayer :(PLEASE let me know what he says

  25. Suzanne and Leesey and “anon”,

    I’m sorry for the delays; this is an old thread and most people either haven’t clicked to notify by email for new comments or (like me) tend to assume that new posts are spammers getting past the captcha.

    I know it’s hard to believe God cares about you when bad things are constantly happening, especially bad mental things, because after all the bodily organ we’re working with is what is being hurt.

    In regard to the hateful voices (where those apply, not to Suzanne I suppose): I do have to say that that’s a standard symptom of schizophrenia, and you should also be seeking professional medical help. God has helped raise up doctors for good reasons — medicines do help get rid of the voices. But beyond any medical problems, God doesn’t send despair about being saved from our sins. That may not make it exactly easier to weather the mental and emotional storms, and most or all of us often have to fight against our feelings in various ways for various reasons. But it may help a little to consider that God voluntarily shares your suffering, emphasized on the cross, whether it’s the suffering of the innocent or of the guilty. (Anyway, whenever I’m suffering the pain of depression I remember that and tie a knot and hang on.)

    Y’all are not in the position of the Pharisees of the scriptural story. You’re in the position of the demonized man, whose latter state was worse than his first, and whom Jesus kept on helping anyway: for which repeated help the Pharisees thought they had a way to discredit Jesus (and in a cheating way that contradicted their own beliefs). They themselves aren’t beyond help and salvation from sin; you aren’t either.

    Some of us Christians affirm the total scope of gospel assurance; some of us affirm the assurance of total persistence. Some of us affirm both, like the song says, “a fountain flowing deep and wide.” Don’t despair: grace hyper-exceeds sin, for not as the sin is the grace. You’re included and God won’t quit.

    • Jason pratt. there is no such thing as schizophrenia.. you are speaking to the individual as a worldly person would speak…

      Jesus himself Heard satans voice in the wilderness…. i guess i suppose you are saying he is schizophrenic?

      It is amazing how people always say they hear from God and Nobody says anything…. but when one says he hears the voice of satan they are Declared crazy

  26. Hey guys, as far as I can surmise from the Scriptures, the only “unpardonable” sin is rejecting the Gospel, in a nutshell. So, if you hear voices, or rapping on the walls, etc., by demonic forces, you are not alone. This is part of the spiritual reality in which we, as Born Again, live. If there is a problem to fix, mental or otherwise, then God will help you.

  27. @Karen C

    I have several questions:
    -Were you a Christian who had experienced the Holy Spirit when you had put a curse word in front of the Holy Spirit?
    -What exactly did you say about the Holy Spirit?
    -How has God confirmed that you haven’t committed the sin/He has forgiven you?

    Thanks! :)

  28. The voices have Returned:( I had stepped away from God for a minute the voices stopped. I started praying and reading the bible. The Audible voices and Horrific Visions has returned

    Saying holy Spirit is Satan

    So I guess once again I am Going to hell

    • What your going through is demonic harassment, keep praying to Christ, we have dominion over the enemy.
      No matter how bad the thoughts get or the images get pray and pray and pray. And know that what your going through
      has never separated you from God nor will it. I go through similar things, when i pray ill get intrusive thoughts or when im listening to sermons or reading scripture ill get disgusting images in my mind or blasphemous thoughts. Keep praying its gotten alot better for me, and it will for you too. Jesus loves you.

  29. To the person who said the voices have returned, you said the voices have returned when you started praying and reading your bible, and again you have become discouraged and feel condemned. Sweetheart, the voices and images came back BECAUSE you are coming back to GOD, and the purpose of that is to discourage you to the point of feeling like it is hopeless and give up. This is how the enemy works. He knows you, not nearly as well as your Creator does, but don’t under estimate the Devil, he has been around a long time, and he knows what to put in your mind to bring you down and make you feel like a lost cause. The devil can put things in your mind, but GOD knows your heart, he knows these thoughts are unwanted, and are coming from the devil, he also knows that you do not truly believe these thoughts, and THAT is what matters. The reason you are having these thoughts is because you are so afraid of the them.The devil knows that if he can get you to a point of feeling so condemned that you say, why bother, that he has got you and then you truly will be in trouble.Who are you going to believe? You can have fear or faith, but you cannot have both. When those thoughts come on do this, close your eyes and say a quick prayer, say Father, I come to you in Jesus name, you know my heart, and my mind, and these thoughts are not what I believe, I believe in you GOD,and in your son Jesus Christ,and I believe what the Bible says because it is from you and you are TRUTH. These thoughts are lies from the pits of hell and I pray that you give me knowledge to recognize them for what they are and know that you loved me enough to die for me and that your Grace is sufficient enough to cover an unwanted thought.I will press on God, even when I don’t feel saved I will trust in your truth, and not rely on my feelings. You are not who I think you are, you are not who I feel you are, you are who YOU SAY you are. I repent for doubting your mercy, and all of my sins. I love you Jesus, Amen.

  30. Anonymous, if you are struggling with thoughts, just read the Word of God, especially parts that are really uplifting and promising like Romans 10:9. Also, you’re not the only one to experience these sorts of things. Maybe you would also benefit from reading John Bunyan’s account of the turbulent times of his faith.

  31. I have a few questions. I am afraid that God has turned me over to a
    reprobate mind. I got saved as a 11 year old girl but always had doubts
    because I didnt have a personal walk with him or feel his spirit daily.
    When you get saved you have to come to him when the spirit is dealing with
    you in alter call. That is the only way to come to him right ? By the
    spirit drawing…I feel like God dealt with my heart so many times and I
    just sat back and said no not now or im ok. My heart would feel like it was
    going to beat out of my chest but I would convince myself I was saved as a
    child. I finally gave in and surrendered my life to God the wednesday
    before easter. But it was after church not during alter call. I came home
    that night overjoyed but in 2 weeks the pastor preached on not turning back
    to sodom and on lots wife. He later said you will be turned to a reprobate.
    That hit me hard so I went to the altar to pray but I was like I couldnt.
    That night I couldnt sleep or eat. I felt like God had turned me over and
    hopeless. After about 4 days I felt like a demon was trying to take over
    me. I would think bad thoughts of death and was suicidal. It felt like I
    was going crazy and feared what the devil might make me do. My arms and
    hands would feel on fire and I couldnt cry. It scared me so bad. Some help
    would be great as I have had to be hospitalized and medicated for my fear
    of dying and going to hell without hope of making things right with God

    • A rebrobate mind is something I have feared that has happened to me, but I know now that is not the case.
      He fact you are worrying clearly means you still care, and what a reprobate mind means is you no longer feel convicted, you dont care if you are sinning, you think you are just fine and that everything you are doing is fine. The people in the Bible God turned over to a reprobate mind, God wanted them to come to repentance but He saw they never were going to, so He let them alone, stop dealing with them because he knew they were never going to change. Can you imagine how much that had tp have hurt Him? Those people are His creation, but He gave them free will, so as much as He wants to make them behave and repent, He wont, because He wants us to love Him, but He wont force us. You want to love Him, want to make Him smile, want to do right and do His will ? Then you clearly have not been turned over to a reprobate mind. The fact suicide was even a passing thought lets me know there are evil things whispering in your ear, recognize them, take offense, how dare they try to take what does not belong to them, your soul, your life belongs to He that created you and breathed the breath of life in your lungs, He and He alone says when its your time, and checking out early is a one way ticket to hell and the devil had gotten a lot of people that way. Now, it is true the more you ignore the drawing of the Holy Spirit the fainter you hear it, but Jesus said that IF ANY MAN COME TO HIM, HE WILL IN NO WAY CAST THEM OUT, seek Him, with everything you got, you will find Him, His wrd says so.

  32. Hey, Shelly: I’m an ordinary guy, nothing special, but in God’s eyes YOU and I are very special. The definition of “reprobate” is that you have no principles, morals, or desire to know and value Truth. This obviously is not true.
    What I suspect is that you are experiencing the struggles with the carnal mind of which Apostle Paul spoke in Romans. In a loose paraphrase, he did what he hated and was barely able to do what he knew was right, etc. (Romans 7:15+)
    So it is Grace which saves us, not our attempts to think right thoughts. Let me say that again – if you have faith in Jesus, the n God the Father sees Jesus in you when He looks at you. Can you beat that with thinking better thoughts? Get it deep in your heart how much God loves you: He purposely became a man so He could suffer in your place. Grace means you can’t earn it by being good. It is an eternal gift, so cheer up!

  33. Hello brothers and sisters. I am honestly worried that I have committed the unpardonable sin. You see, a week or two ago, I was starting to question if maybe the real god was being hidden from us to make us worship satan. So for a day I thought that Christianity was satanism in disguise and that jesus was just satan pretending to be something hes not. However, now I KNOW that Jesus Christ is our savior and that Jehovah our god, are the truth. But I’m worried that I have committed that sin. I don’t want to go to hell, I want to follow Jesus and be a good person through him. Im 13 by the way. Sincerely, Sebastian. God bless you all

    • Sebastian – God knows you, he knows why you had those thoughts, he knows they were not malicious or deliberate, he knows you love Him and knows you are truly sorry for having the thought. With all the people that God created that choose to not even acknowledge their Creator that has done so much for them and still loves them, do you really think God would turn His back on a 13 year old boy who had a set of thoughts that confused him? No. You feel guilty, trust me when I say I understand, but ask forgiveness, believe that God is smart and knows a deliberate act from an accidental bad thought, and thank Him for being who He is, whi c h os a very loving and merciful God. Jesus knows the difference between an accusation made out of hate, and athpught made out of an overactive mind, or that thought could have came from the devil, its upset you and taken away your joy so I think the devil is whispering in your ear. I once read in order for someone to commit the unpardonable sin there has to be malice in the heart and knowledge in the mind, meaning you know its wrong and out of spite or hate you do it anyway. You love Him, that clearly was not your case. Let Him carry you through this, He never said it would be easy, He said it would be worth it.

    • God gave us reason, which is our human way of ordering thoughts to arrive at truth. Logic and reason can handle questions like, “What if Christianity isn’t real?” It is your challenge, and mine also, to examine and defend the Gospel to our personal satisfaction, and beyond that, to defend against lies and spiritual darkness in the world. That is part of our new life in Christ.
      Grace cannot be voided by thinking thoughts, no matter how troubling or bizarre they might seem at the time. Grace covers sins, whether in thought or action – it cannot be “broken” by the very sins over which it triumphs!
      Does that make sense? Blasphemy of the HS is like deserting Christ, or never accepting Him in the first place – this obviously is not true in your case.

  34. I committed the unpardonable sin. I am not worried about wether or not, I am not scared that I may have or not I have. And I repeat it constantly. Not out of malice, spite, or anger and certainly not from a crisis of faith. I believe wholeheartedly in the bible as the holy, inspired, and infallible word of God. I belive in God the Father almighty creator of heaven and earth and all that they contain. I believe in Jesus Christ His Son who lived, died for the sins of man and conquered death by rising from the grave anf is now and forever seated at the right hand of God. I belive in the Holy Spirit whom Jesus sent as man’s counselor, guide and protector until he is taken home to glory. I believe that these three are one. I believe that man can do nothing to get to God because God has already done evrything, all man has to do is believe and accept God’s free gift, His Son, Jesus. And I believe that there is nothing man can do that Jesus wont forgive and wash clean so that when they stand before God, condemned, Jesus takes thier penalty away. But sadly, I have done many things, so bad that, I can not in good concious accept this gift. I know for a fact that the gift is there free for anyone no matter what, yet I refuse to take it. And that is blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. I work in my church, I do missions, I try to be a good example in my home and at church, to everyone. I will not be a stumbling to others, I will try to teach others about the Bible and God’s love for them. I will gladly give up heaven to know that my child and wife and so many others know how much God has in store for them.
    “even the demons believe, and tremble in fear…”

    • William, I am sorry for the long delay, While I understand that you feel you cannot accept Jesus’s gift of salvation because you have sinned a lot, why are you refusing His gift? You don’t have to be in good conscience to accept it, it’s a good thing you recognize you are undeserving of salvation, we all are undeserving, not one person has earned salvation, that’s why it’s a gift. Do you have children? Imagine your child needed a heart transplant, so you, her loving Father, gives His life so she can live, then they go to do the transplant and she says no, that she was a bad girl and has done many bad things and doesn’t deserve it, as her dad you think I know everything she has done but I love her anyway, she is mine, I created her and I want her to be here and happy, please take the gift I sacrificed my life to give you. She takes it, and gets to enjoy the rest of her life, and her dad sacrifice gets paid forward by all the good she has done in the world, OR, she declines, she dies, her dad is gone, her family has now lost two members and nothing good came from any of this, her dad valued her enough to give his own life for her, but she refused his gift because she thought she wasn’t worth it. Jesus knows more than you, and He values you so much that even though you have refused His gift over and over, Jesus would offer it again if you just ask. STOP believing the enemy’s lies, Jesus wants you with Him in Heaven, accept His gift, while you still can.

  35. I am very scared that I have done the unpardonable sin. When I talk to myself I usually say repeatedly I love god and I hate the devil, but sometimes I say the opposite and mix my words. I always have bad thoughts and am trying hard to avoid depression! Is the unpardonable sin committed by what you say or believe? I am just so scared that I’ve done this sin! I have accepted Jesus as my savior, and I know he is the Son of God! I love the Holy Spirit and I get peace from it a lot at night when I’m depressed! Please explain this to me

    • Hunter,
      My thoughts are also why I have this fear too, unbelievable horrible blasphemous thoughts enter my mind so often that I have begun to dismiss them as oh great there goes another one, which is what we should do because unless you in intenionally had the thought because you hate Jesus and God and were trying to offend Him then you should dismiss it as just another dart, fired into your mind by the enemy to fill you with fear. God knew you before you were born, he knows the number of hairs on your head, he knows how you feel about Him, and also knows that if you could push a button to never have those thoughts again you would slap it so hard and fast that your hand would have wind burn from travelling so fast. He knows sweetheart, He know you love Him, He know you dont want those thoughts, He knows the more you try not to have those thoughts the more you do, and most importantly He knows your heart, and although the devil can put thoughts in your head, your heart is all Gods and the devil cant touch it, the devil can try but you still love Him, and He loves you, and will never let the devil put more on you then you can handle. Also, that fear you have would not be there if you were past a point of no return, those who Jesus warned that they were in danger of doing the unpardonable sin had no desire to repent, there hearts were cold, yours is clearly not, you still want forgiveness and a relationship with your God, as long as that desire is there that means the Holy Spirit is still drawing you which means you have not done the unpardonable sin. God Bless you

  36. Thank you Kittie! I know God is with me, so is Jesus and The Holy Spirit. I just get scared when I mix my words when I talk, it is impossible for me to commit it if I believe the TRUTH! It’s all on what you belive not say, right?

  37. Thank you Kittie!!!!!!! I love God, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit! The unforgivable sin can’t be spoken if you don’t mean it or that your words get mixed , it’s what your heart means right?

  38. I am here to tell you that the unpardonable sin can be committed today. The sin will not be forgiven and the guilt, remorse, and terror of hell will not be lifted. I committed this sin. It’s so horrific that I cannot even tell you here… But I will tell you that the sin can be committed through use of the internet. I committed it repeatedly. And then, one day, it felt as if The Holy Spirit was literally purged from my body. Where I once felt love and a connectedness with others and nature, I now feel nothing. I am unmoved. The only feelings I have are guilt, remorse, and worldly pleasure from time to time. My life once felt full and interactions with others felt authentic. Now, I struggle to make conversation with anyone in my life… I cannot relate, I cannot truly laugh, and I am in constant fear of being seen for what I really am, a heartless and Godless woman. I think you might read this and think “surely not.” But that is because you have a soft heart and cannot understand what such evil would feel like. In order to survive, I think I float between moments of lucidity and denial. The denial feels safe because I am not in fear of the indescribable horrors of hell but I cannot remain in denial and be in The Word of God because The Word rattles me to the core with the truth of my situation. Where I once read the Bible from a place of hope and love, I now read from a place of fear and condemnation. Church only makes the anxiety worse. I see no future for myself, no real relationships because of my hardness of heart, no connections with God or others. I desire all of this because I feel the gaft, the chasm, where the Love once resided… Desiring is not enough. Because I have no God in me, I am a vacuum to those around me. I am constantly mourning the loss of my life and all of the love that once was in it. I am truly a walking dead woman. Please respond of you have any questions. I have turned to The Bible for answers of my own, maybe reassurance, but when I open it, it opens to passages on wickedness and blasphemy of The Holy Spirit. I know that sounds really “out there” but it’s true. I am at the hands of the evil one now and though precious Heavenly Father reached for me time after time, I was too willful to accept the Gift of Life. Please do not be like me, repent of your sins if you don’t feel the conviction. Maybe God will break your heart for what breaks his. The song Hosana by Hillsong United used to much really speak to me but I can no longer feel it… The message is so beautiful though, I mourn the loss of it’s significance in my life and the way it moved my spirit.

    Heal my heart and make it clean
    Open up my eyes to the things unseen
    Show me how to love like you have loved me

    Break my heart for what breaks yours
    Everything I am for Your kingdom’s cause
    As I walk from earth into eternity

    • This happened to you to… This was not a willful act for me I have OCD and chemical problems. I was put under bondage and now I’m feeling kinda like what you feel. But blank. This is tarable. I don’t know what to do. I can’t feel anything :/ I feel maybe I bit of want. Like I want jesus to help me, I want god to help me. But all the disbelief the enemy has brainwashed into me destroyed me. I still can believe but. It’s like a dubble mind. I really don’t want to go to hell… I can’t fear when I should be hitting the panic switch. I can’t feel love. Like I want to so bad. This is horrible. This is just horrible. I don’t know what to do. There’s nothing I can do is there. My mind destroyed me.

  39. If i say God isnt real and I’m joking is that blasphemy

  40. Hello I’m Lewis, I’m in some serious trouble. This stuff has logged itself into my brain and I couldn’t get it out no matter what. I started loosing some conviction and was wondering why I was feeling weird, then I started feeling isolated in numbness kinda like no emotion, then it evolved to I’m thinking and hoping it is not.. A deparved mind, I have like a smigin of concernity left to make it right with Jesus, hoping repentance is possible. Because I can’t feel jack, conviction is weak. It’s to the point where it feels like I’m turning into a zombie. Everything is going flat. They say willful sinning is an attitude but I have OCD, and that attitude I tried to shake off and restore faith. It’s hard for me to pray. I can’t feel anything. It’s like a mind state of meditation. This cycle has been happening for 3 months. Almost exactly. I almost don’t feel human. I never wanted this to happen to me. I don’t know if there’s any hope. I don’t know if convictions there, I hope there’s enough for repentance. My conscience is being whipped, and I’m feeling numbed. Like almost no motivation. No emotion. The things my mind did to me. It got glued to something and wouldn’t let go. When I go to church I can’t feel any vibes:/ people almost seem weird to me now. Without that conviction :(. I do have enough to say I don’t want to go to hell. And that I want to go to heaven. And I need jesus to save me from this nightmare. I’m turning to a shell. This stuff has been going on day and night for 3 months. Creatureizing me.

    • Lewis, I too have OCD, a form called Scrupulosity that specificly deals with feeling unforgiveable, so I know exactly how you feel. While I cannot tell you why you feel, or dont feel as you do, I can tell you that if you truly believe Jesus is Lord, and can speak it, that is only possible through the Holy Spirit, so that would mean He is still there with you and has not left you. I once asked God why everyone would tell me that if I had truly done the unpardonable sin I would not care, I didnt remember seeing in the Bible that you would not care, if you believe there is a Hell, how could you not care that you were going there for eternity? Then I had a thought, God loves us so much, and He wants us with Him, but He can see if you are ever going to repent or not, and if your heart had been so hardened that you would never come to repentence, or if you had done the unpardonable sin, God withdrawls his conviction because He respects our choice, and if that is what you chose, he will remove conviction and leave you believing you are fine, if forgiveness was not possible I do not believe He would make us aware of it because He wants us happy, definately with Him, but if we had reached a point of no return He wouldnt leave you longing for salvation just to be turned away. You feel numb, that could be for many reasons, but answer this, do you want that to change? Even if you feel its because you dont want t go to hell, God put that in the Bible for a reason, and the fact you know you are in need of salvation says you are not turned over to a rebrobate mind, the fact you took time to search for answers shows a longing to find answers, there is no tossing in the towel here, and that tells me you are being convicted, if you were not, you wouldnt be here. Feelings, especially with people with OCD like us are decieving, faith suprasses feelings, do you believe His word? Then believe Him when He said If any man come to me I will IN NO WAY cast Him out. Talk to God, be honest, if you are angry, tell Him, if you are scared, tell Him that too, He already knows, but try to also say I dont care what I feel today Lord, I WILL trust you, and press on, and if the feelings come back, great, and if they dont thats fine too, because I know you love me, and I need you Jesus, and I will walk the walk, no matter how I feel, because you said you would never leave me, and your Word is truth. Remember, God is not who you think He is, He is not who you feel He is, He is who He says He is, and His word is all that matters. God Bless you my friend, you are fine,your just going through a storm, Hold tight to His word, you will come out of this stronger.

  41. I’ve said out loud the holy spirit is nothing and he can never do or amount to nothing ect…..for years I’ve battled with this. Until a few things came to mind….. the bible says God’s will is for none to parish and all to come to repentance….the bible says Jesus on the cross said forgive them for they do not know what they do…..we all go through this but those deep in damnation know that when they say Jesus works from devil or holy spirit is powerless ect…., know the fact and the feeling of not knowing what we did till condemnation comes upon us….. So when Jesus was forsaken after saying that on cross not know what they do…..then after being forsaken say it is finished or in somewhat order don’t you think he made it possible for all to be saved……..we just have to come to another bible verse “there is now no comdemnation fir those in Christ Jesus who walk not according to the flesh but after the spirit…..Amen!

  42. Things seem to be hitting rock bottom. It’s hard for me to even think on The Lord now. You half to have remorse to repent right? I feel like it’s almost impossible now, I don’t know what to do. I think it’s comitted. I can’t feel fear I can’t really feel guilt my I can’t feel emotions or feelings. I I think I’m doomed. My knollage on Jesus is getting blank. These twisted OCD thoughts robbed me of his love. It’s like all there is is negative. I don’t want to go to hell and I don’t want to feel like this. I don’t think I’m a reprobate because I consciencly know right from wrong but this. This is harsh. I can’t seem to repent. God save me. I masterbaited to see if I felt guilt. Just buzing in my head. Like air. I feel in closed like in a box I can’t get out of. If whatever’s bound in earth is bound in heaven then I know… It’s over. I don’t know. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry god. I wish I could feel something. Sadness. Remorse. What happened to me I god! Why can’t I panic. Why can’t i do anything. My holly ghost :/ omg. It’s over isn’t it. I can’t feel frustration. Just neutral. This is horrible. This is Tarrible. Did what I could to fight this off. The stupid mind attitude wounds break no mater how hard I tried. :( Jesus. All those prayer calls I made all the people I reached out to. All the help I could get. And here I am. Oh god. 3 months or torcher now it’s going to be an eternity :(

  43. Lewis, You say you feel nothing, yet when I read your post I see fear,frustration, sorrow and torment, you are NOT numb my friend, you are scared, and more then that, you are lost. Do you think that THIS, the way you feel now, is coming from God? No. God has not given you a spirit of fear but of peace, love and a SOUND MIND. These thoughts and feelings aren’t from God my friend, they are from the enemy, and how I know that is because I get them too and I know the God that gave me life wants me happy, so much so that had I chose to walk away from Him and never repent, or if I had committed the unpardonable sin He wouldn’t leave me to worry the rest of my days on something that could not be fixed, He would turn me over to a reprobate mind, where I wouldn’t care about salvation and just do what I want without fear of eternal consequence. God loves us so much, He wants us with Him so much so he sent His Only Son Jesus to die for our sins, but God is a gentleman, He will not force you, and even though I believe it would break His heart, He will leave you,remove conviction, and let you believe your own lies and live in sin because that is what you chose. However, if even the smallest fraction of you wants forgiveness, and a relationship with Him, He is standing there waiting with arms wide open and has said, If ANY MAN comes to me, I will in NO WAY, cast Him out. NO WAY….there is no exceptions there, I believe He said NO WAY to emphasize that NOTHING can keep you from HIM, but yourself. Now, the thoughts, oh my the thoughts, I have unwanted, intrusive thoughts all the time and I hate them, they scare me and sometimes to the point where I fear I can no longer be forgiven, so you are not alone here, a lot of people share this kind of fear, but the enemy places these things in your mind. People under estimate the Devil in my opinion, don’t think for a second that the devil doesn’t know you, oh yes he does, he knows you very very well, not anywhere close to hoe God knows you but still very well, the devil has been here since the beginning and got the first humans to sin, he knows exactly what to put in your head to make you fear, why would the devil want you to fear? Because you can have faith, or you can have fear, but you can’t have both. So in a way, fear pulls you away from God as opposed to faith which brings you closer to Him. Being numb doesn’t mean your hell bound, it probably means your exhausted and your brain is trying to get some rest by turning off your panic reflex. You are here looking for answers, that speaks volumes to me because it shows me there is still a part of you that is searching for a way to get back to Him, and if it were too late you wouldn’t be doing that. If you are afraid that you are only concerned about going to hell and your worry that you aren’t convicted to draw closer to God,let me ask you this, If God or Jesus appeared in front of you right now, would you just sit there and say please don’t send me to hell? Or would you fall to your knees in worship or run to Him and hug Him, either way I know your heart would sore, because He is your God. You feel disconnected right now, so do I frankly, but you push past it, if there fear of hell keeps you reading your Bible, and praying and searching for Him then good, God put it in the Bible for a reason, but just like personal relationships we have here, sometimes we feel super close, and others we feel distant,feelings come and go, you have to decide that you are going to praise Him in the good times and the bad, when you feel like God’s favorite person, and when you think He turned His back on you, He won’t ever leave you, so don’t leave Him, stop trying to make yourself feel, and focus on all the good in your life, then tell Him thank you, repent for doubting, then even if you don’t feel like it praise Him, and every time these fears come back praise Him again, they will pass eventually. Jesus loves you, He offers salvation and forgiveness, you need only ask, repent with a sincere heart, and get in the mind set that no matter how numb you feel, you will press on because your relationship with Jesus and God is not based on feelings, but on faith. God bless you my friend.

  44. at age 17 i had the most incredible accusation going though my mind that i had sinned against the holy spirit.
    I was already mentally very ill from a stress of a dysfuntional family and embracing of cultic teachings and religion. But that accusation was the most horrendeous of the mental violations i passed through.
    24 years later i have made big progress in mental recovery…. and also lost alot in time and person. I dropped the spiritual stuff and rebuilt some of my mental boundaries… sometimes at tremedous cost of ditching and estraging my sick family.

    Today i am looking at the verse that caused me so much damage and i am shocked it even has nothing to do with being forgiven or unforgiven, contextually speaking.

    These people said jesus was healing by demons…. but you see even saying and thinking that is not a sin!!!! its good to evaluate people and try to figure them out because seeing a miracle is not automatically the work of god….. and especially nowadays when we are full of money hungry apostles who do all these incredible magical/miraculous things.

    Back to jesus words… he wasnt qualifying what can be forgiven and what cannot.
    It was a conclusion statement…. because you guys are not believing i am doing this by the the power of god there is no room that you can accept my teachings and embrace what i am giving (forgiveness). Meaning they will never be forgiven….but NOT that they cannot be forgiven. Context here is of paramount importance in this statement that used to terrorise me.
    The thing is if one of those same people accusing him of demon powers had said…. wait a minute. I really need to find out if you Jesus indeed are working by the power of god…. and had got convinced that it was so…. he WAS still ELIGIBLE for forgiveness!!!
    Sinning againts the holy spirit then has nothing to do with
    1.Rejecting christ in big or small ways.
    As a matter of fact its good to reject supernatural unless otherwise proven
    2. Thinking of saying word of curse/blasphemy to holy spirit

    Its really unfortunate that this strange verse is badly exploited (by evil spirits?) to torment people.

    But all is well that ends well.
    I am glad i seemed to have overcome the most tormenting thing in my life since i was born.

  45. dear annonymous

    that is the test of faith… God will not call you to be a christian just to reassure your ways in hell….

    have you really committed it? if yes why your so bother? 1st peter 1:5 it tells us the fiery trial we are all ahead of….

    Currently i am struggling with it… but then when i open my bible He will always tell me to believe in Our Lord Jesus Christ as long as your not giving up on Him he will not Give up on you…, remember His word i will not Leave you nor Forsake you… He has a plan … and just in case you dont know what your dealing with well the evil will always tell you lies…

    Lastly…, “do not be afraid only believe..,” -Jesus

    be positive :)

  46. i regret the day i ever walked away from The Lord.

    i was about 22 years old when i believe i committed my life to Jesus Christ. it seemed as though many changes were happening in my life, i felt as if i was loving caring patient kind etc etc. There seemed to be a change in me and things happened around me. i felt as though i was a different person and i just wanted to get to know God. i would stay up and open my word adamant to know truth and desiring so dearly to get close to Jesus Christ. my heart flowed of love for Him and people. i was not the same. Deep yearning of wanting to know Him radiated my heart and i found myself selfless.
    the turn happens when i gave in to my temptation of lust. i compromised, i rationalized and i continued to sin. over and over again. day after day. later i began to realize that other sins would creep into my life like unforgiveness and selfishness and self indulgence. this happened approxamately within a course of maybe…4 years. i sinned and i sinned. i just kinda mayb realized all of a sudden at night, that i felt as if God wasn’t there anymore. its kinda like what this woman said up there earlier. it’s as if love isnt here anymore in my heart. when i felt as if i was full of love joy peace all of a sudden if eel barron and cant feel anything anymore. when i finally realized what possibly happened to my heart, i searched and searched in fear that i had Blasphemed The Holy Spirit. i wondered if i had done it and till this day i hope i have not. i am in constant fear and anxiety if i had done.
    These are the reasons for me to believe that i have done it:
    1. my heart is cold and close to hating God possibly hating God, (i can lie to you all right now and say that i love God, but i am saying how i think i feel)
    2. my conscience seems as though i have seared it, i can barely feel remorse for my sin if any at all
    3. i am in constant fear and anxiety of my judgement
    4. i find it difficult to come to Christ wholeheartedly and i feel like even if i call to Him its like i cant get to Him
    5. i find it difficult to repent of my sins
    6. my love for God and people have diminished, i have to look deep within my heart and even then i can sense almost none, i was getting angry and was constantly thinking sinful things
    7. even though i pray i still feel like this ( is this just the fruit of my actions? this depression? and i can still be saved? or no?
    8. i constantly hear voices in my head “you have blasphemed The Holy Spirit!” throughout the course of my day
    9. idk if this one but ill just put it, it seems as though my heart convicts me strongly that i have lost God forever, no matter how much i try to tell myself that i have not committed this sin, something deep down inside of me tells me that i have
    10. sometimes ( which scares me) i feel like i dont care that i lost God forever, but then there are times when i do care! what is this fluctuation in my heart!?
    11. desiring God is not my priority in my heart, if you really belonged to The Lord you would desire Him wouldnt you? like i was desiring Him all the time now im just scared and afraid!
    12. this might be one of the biggest of all im not sure though- When i cry out to Jesus and ask him to save me something deep inside of my heart tells me i can never ask for forgiveness, i can never be renewed again, i can never be His again, i can never be in a relationship with Him again, that i have gone too far. i KNOW JESUS IS THE ONLY WAY TO HEAVEN AND I BELIEVE AND ACCEPT THAT, what im saying is, if i did commit that sin i cannot call out to Jesus anymore.
    13. i feel sooooooo disconnected from God

    these are reasons to believe that i have not:
    1. there seems to be a spick of love for God deep down inside of my heart
    2. i regret the day i walked away from Him ( isnt this a sign that you have not? or is it just guilt that can’t be taken back and i just feel this way? or a person who has committe dthis sin would not feel a tinch of this?)
    3. i am seeking Jesus and praying to Him to save me , i pray something like this “Lord i know i deserve Hell, but i give you permission to save me because you gave us free will thats why i pray that way, i give you permission to change my heart because it is so dark Lord i need Your Holy Intervention! in Your Name i pray!”
    4. i have recently given up the very things that i allowed to make me fall so its my fault which one is lust the other is idolatry of a computer game. (so if youre able to repent that is of God, but then my question now is , is this REAL repentence?)
    5. i have still have the sense of what is right and what is wrong
    6. when i think of the sacrifice Jesus made for me, i turn away from an immediate sin that i could have done
    7. sometimes if eel this urge to want to get to know Jesus and know His Word and read again

    these are just some of my thoughts and my actions and the things that i have done in my life. can someone give me possible insight into my life? i feel so scared because i feel like im losing myself and that im starting to not care, but i want to still care, i dont want to sin anymore this thing is tearing me to shreds. i know where i should/shouldve been but i feel like im not. even though i barely feel any love at all for Jesus i want to pray that my heart for Him returns, i dont want to hate Him as i have, i dont want to disobey Him as i have. i want to love Him like i have loved Him before but its hard for me to even care about that! i feel as if the condition of my heart is only a sign that i have blasphemed The Savior, i call Jesus and The Holy Spirit The Saviors btw because you need both of them to be saved! when i turn to His Word i get scared because i see certain Scriptures as if it speaks of me and you cant take God’s Word out of context and you have to think of it as a whole. if there is such a thing as a point of no return, i hope and pray i did not reach that stage cause i feel oh so near if not there already. can i still be saved or no??
    please respond someone who knows God, who has The Holy Spirit in them.

    • Dave,
      You have not done the unpardonable sin, however by continuing to sin even though you were convicted of it at one time possible has caused you to grow cold in your spiritual walk because sin does in fact seperate us from God. The Bible says that he stands at the door and knocks, he is knocking, I believe that’s why you are here looking for direction and reassurance, you just got used to tuNing him out that you don’t hear it. Your feeling shouldn’t guide your faith, for they charge on a whim, faith however, does not. What have you done to show God you are sorry for your sins? Are you trusting his word? Are you believing Him when He said that if any man come to me I will in NO way cast Him out? Your sin nature is going to fight, it doesn’t want to die and let Jesus take control, it wants what it wants now, instant gratification, but part of trusting God is trusting that He knows what’s best and will do things in His time, all you have to do is believedand decide that you were going to live for him rather you feel like it or not, rather you feel his love for you or you don’t, rather you feel forgiven or you don’t, and most importantly rather you feels saved or you don’t, you will press on and live the way you know he wants you to live because your feelings don’t save you, Jesus does, and if you repented with a true heart and you’re trying your best to turn from sin, then He said you are saved, period. Has he ever let you down? you said that you are getting angry at God, my guess is that is because you pray and pray and still feel the way you do and its getting frustrating and you don’t understand it so you’re getting mad, but what have you done to further your walk with Him? Read your Bible, pray, even when you don feel Him, seek Him with all you got, Go to church, worship Him for the wonderful God that He is regardless how you feel, decidea that you are going to believe His word over your emotions, and I believe you will find what you are looking for, in His time, because Jesus said so, He said seek and you shall find, and our Jesus is perfect and His word is the only real truth we have. God bless you friend.

    • Hi Dave, you are describing me. This is what’s been happening to me but for the past 14 years. I hate it, it’s frustrating, tiring & depressing! I know people are so feed up of me because, it may seem at times I’m going forward for a few days. Maybe even a week or two. Then I feel like I’m right back at square one. I cry but I feel stuck in this situation. Like I’ve said it 14 ongoing 15 years this year since this happened to my because of willful sin. I do fear death & hell & judgement but it’s also like I don’t care, even though I know deep down I do. When I read, everything I read (negative) seems like me, before, I loved reading the word & I knew my heart longed for God & I could rejoice & identify with David, when he said things like, as a deer panteth for the water so my soul longeth after thee & thy word have I hid in my heart so that I might not sin against thee & many, many more! Not I feel like those people in rebellion with pending judgement. I can’t seem to find that right place back in God. I repent & think that I’m going forward but then find myself thinking wickedly again. The love of Christ I once had in my heart isn’t there & I haven’t sensed his spirit for so long. The Godly love & fear I used to have as been replaced with that evil fear with torment & no glimpse of Gods love for me or him wanting me back. I keep on for my children’s sake!

  47. When horrible feelings convict us of unpardonable sin . . . remember,You are ALWAYS Loved by God!! You MUSTN’T ever think for a second that you are no longer a child of the Most High God or even more worse you have committed an Unpardonable sin. His LOVE for YOU doesn’t stop because of one bad thought ( no matter how bad). God Loves you so much because You are His number ONE and most primary concern…. by “He who did not spare His own Son, but gave him up for all of us-how will he not also, along with him graciously give us all things? Who shall separate us from form the love of Christ? Shall tribulation or distress . . . No in all these things, we are more than conquerors through him who love[s] us” (Romans 8:32-35) The King James version says “Tribulation” rather than “trouble” because it expresses great worry and anxiety. . . ok So are you still worried you have committed an unpardonable sin? You Haven’t committed an unpardonable Sin. I think many people will go through life with thoughts condemning themselves of such sins without realizing this. The same thing happened with Paul the Apostle, one of Jesus’ Disciples. Because In the Scripture, Timothy 1:13, Paul says” Even though I was once a blasphemer and a persecutor and a violent man, I was shown mercy because I acted in ignorance and belief.” This blaspheme is a bit different from what Jesus was saying to the Pharisees, so its very Important to read God word’s especially in this particular passage. (see Matthew 9:34, 12:22) The Pharisees weren’t acknowledging Jesus, nor the Holy Spirit. Instead, they continually denied such existences and invented erroneous falsehood, and yet they weer quick to acknowledge the Enemy. In other words this not a general Blaspheme like Paul, this is continually denying the truth with an intentional determination. So Unlike all other sins, this becomes an Unpardonable sin, and can not not be forgiven by Holy Spirit in this age or the age to come, because for one thing they don’t believe in Jesus, so How can Jesus help them?.God knows your most inner most thoughts, so we can’t really conceal anything from Him. More importantly, when we convict our selves of unpardonable sin, we are making the assumption We can no longer be saved by God’s Grace, i.e through Jesus crucifixion. But Since God’s Mercy is so great, bigger than any mountain or ocean , we know there are no bounds to Love and Mercy to all those who seek Him, so never put limits onto his Promises which He has already given us. So Like Paul, God’s love and Mercy is on our all our lives. God Hasn’t forgotten about you and hasn’t given up on you, so don’t give up on Him. He is still longing to have a relationship with you and comfort you through all the hard times and the best times day of lives. . . in Jesus’ Name. Amen. God Bless!!

  48. I may have commended this sin. When I read the verse 6 months ago it started off with negative thoughts and fear and it was starting to twist my faith. When it started getting really bad It started making me believe all this devil stuff. it was horrible because I couldn’t shake it out of my mind. then I started noticing this spiritual energy fading from me, like what makes us human, playing games going out side enjoying nature, it all started fading where people started looking different really hard to explain. then I started noticing this hate that wouldn’t go away every time I tried to come to the lord it was not good because I couldn’t fix it. I thought if I kept on trying to think over it or past it id get better, but it didn’t, there where just all these blasphemous thoughts and it was like making me buy into it. then in September I felt something leave my body and everything got deadened, spiritual feelings, emotions, intervening with people, everything just whent blank numb. I thought that could be fixed but it never did, then I started noticing my body feeling different, really lazy hard to take care of myself, then in October I started noticing this coldness following me around, I think it want to kill me, it is here and there, and I can’t seem to rebuke it, its like a ghost or something. by the end of this month still fighting for my faith its as if I don’t have any, my spiritual séance are almost gone so I cant feel good or evil everything is flat, I cant feel charismas or Halloween, or Easter, those spiritual feelings, cant feel the flow, music sounds deadened, there’s no melody , and I feel caged inside my body, there’s like no pull of the spirit vs., flesh, its like just flesh. everyone looks really weird now, not at all what people look like, and the world is like flat there’s like no life anymore. I felt my spirit burning up during this whole experience, literally felt burning and and smelled smoke inside me. my mind is almost like completely depraved, I can barley think and everything is like really wicked… I don’t feel human anymore, its like I’m in a state of perdition. It only takes about 2 months tops before this sin is committed, you will be messed up forever past that. I don’t think there’s any hope for me, I’ve been to church trying to get delivered, Christian chat site, nothing helped. I feel dead inside. I don’t think there’s healing from this, I feel stuck this way forever… almost like i’m unmoved. I’ve been earing this angel voice saying that i’m not going to heaven that I’m eternal condemned. if you start feeling differently for any reason through this, stop. its over. you keep it up, you’ll wind up worse. keep it up, you’ll wind up worse. if you gett to the point where you believe mark 3;22 that part, its over, you can’t change that, if you been dwelling on it for more than a week. if you start believing Christ is …. stop, because you wont be able to “flip that” like I thought I could, unless you feel perfectly normal nothing wring with your spiritual surroundings or people go to a Pentecostal and get delivered. if it comes back, then its over. I didn’t choose this, I feel victimized by obsessive thoughts, lack of understanding, and not getting help right away when this first started. another supernatural experience through this all is the end of the 3 month, things where getting bad mentally and I felt my cross necklace come off, I ran home from work in panic and saw fir on the tv screen.. and when I looked at Christ’s picture he looked so sad.. so I called up a friend he was explaining all of this, when he was I felt an angel touch my arm, then started hearing this murmuring on the phone, then I looked in the cabinet mirror and my head looked like demon head. latter on that night I got out of the shower and I saw 2 angels and one said remember what I said on the phone, I went to bed and something told me don’t pray for healing right now i’m not ready. but I did, and I literally felt healing, but hen the blasomouse thoughts started happening again, and got scared and said stop. when did I felt panicked and I felt something latter on that night burning up in me… then I started hearing breathing noises around me, like bulls, and this heat stuff starting to grab my face. it was horrible. that was the day I new there was like no turning back, but I kept trying to fix things, and nothing changed. just got worse to the point where angles started looking evil, it was horrible, and I wanted to fix that and make things right but I never could. I don’t have feelings anymore, everything is numb and people look fleshly and ugly almost, there’s like no spiritual life…I wish every minute I could take my life back, how maybe there’s someone, some words that might be it, but its being able to resave it I cant seem to break through. people think its all in my head, but this is absolutely real and nothing can even describe the state of whatever im in right now. reading scriptures doesn’t help me anymore. its sad. I feel empty and shameful. I can barley work or socialize. the fiery imaginations, visions, the thoughts, the immorality it was bringing, twisting everything… the loss of convictions, the spiritual life, the depraving mind, might be reprobate,. this existence is horrible, all I can do is wish I was me again, but the condition of my heart, the loss of spiritual life in me, I see this as almost impossible. its only been 6 months, and its like im already ended.

  49. I have talked with several people over the years who have been paralyzed by thinking they committed this sin that they really have very little understanding of.
    Once they read the verses for the first time fear comes on them. Then, the fear is reinforced, stress reactions occur, OCD if they have it, kicks it into hyper-drive! It starts to all become a self-fulfilling prophecy in their lives. They keep thinking on it, and become locked into a pattern of fear. They search the internet, and cling to the sites that reinforce their fears as they try to figure out what is going on with them. You talk to them, and the comfort you wish to provide them does not get through the shell that they have built around them.

    My best friend suffered with this 15 years ago. He is doing well today. Goes to church, and reads his Bible without fear and condemnation. There is hope for anyone suffering from these fears.

    – Be careful that you are not a spiritual hypochondriac who Google diagnoses themselves into a pattern of fearful thoughts. Else you will convince yourself that you have cancer every week. Know your own weaknesses.
    – Get to know the truth from reliable sources, not people’s opinions in the comments sections of what they are experiencing. Usually people suffering from this have enough Bible knowledge to respect the Bible, but not enough to combat error. They have learned something that is over their head when it comes to blasphemy.
    – Paralyzing fear is not condemnation from God. You are doing that to yourself because you stepped into a subject you don’t understand. Next, you’re going to crap your pants because someone said “willful sin” or “reprobate mind” or “fall away” or other phrases found in the Bible. STOP IT.
    – I imagine before we became Christians most of us have thought and wondered, even questioned verbally bad things about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. The Apostle Paul committed blasphemy against the Holy Spirit as he was consenting unto Steven’s death(Acts 7). He was saved as a “pattern” of God’s grace and mercy to those of us who would believe after him(1 Tim 1:16).
    -God is not willing that any should perish, but wants all to change their mind(2 Pet 3:9). He doesn’t want anyone to go to hell. Stop creating unnecessary hell for yourself now. Ask yourself what you can honestly say you believe right NOW. Take a pen and paper and write those things down. Use this time of fear and questioning to reconnect you to those who love you, and to the Lord who died for your sin. Start fresh with Lord.

    You got tangled in a big spider web, and felt surely the spider will come to get me. But honestly, there is no spider, the web was from years ago. You are just having a fear attack as you thrash about all alone in your own little circle trying to escape the web. Stand up straight. Breathe. I can see your situation more clearly than you can. It’s just harmless silk. Look at me. It’s going to be alright. Are you in there? Can you hear me? You’re going to be alright!


  50. I ask for your prayers because I did not recognize Christ when He came to me. He does physically come through other people and I did not recognize Him. I do not think that saying something is unpardonable. I am afraid that I have done this by not recognizing Him in person. Please help me. I was baptized too young and wish that I had waited. Pray that He will speak to me again. I feel condemned and out of His will totally.

    • im going to hell forsure :( i read that verse in mark… i started worrying i comitted the unforgiveabel sin… then i started worrying that jesus had an unclean spirit… then i was going to try and confront another christain as if i was going agaisnt them.. now im going to hell. :(


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