Theological Trading Cards Giveaway


Zondervan has graciously offered the readers of Parchment and Pen the opportunity to win some great stuff. What you see here is a full box set of Theological Trading Cards by Norman Jeune. There are nearly 300 cards (think baseball cards without the gum) of theologians and heretics. These are a blast, and a great way to keep up on who’s who in church history. The only problem I have with these cards is that there is not one of me! Second edition come soon…

Here is the deal. Listen up. You are not going to believe this:

  • We are giving away one full boxed set.
  • We are giving away another boxed set that includes one card signed by N.T. Wright.
  • We are giving away another boxed set that includes one card signed by Kevin Vanhoozer.

How to Enter:

Just make a comment below and you are entered. Wait, make a comment telling who your favorite theologian is.

We will announce the winner in a few days so hurry up and give it a swing.

160 Responses to “Theological Trading Cards Giveaway”

  1. Goodness, I have to choose a favorite? I don’t know if I would pick Martin Luther or John Calvin. or modern day maybe Michael Horton.

  2. Favorite Theologian of all time – Jesus.
    Favorite living Theologian – Jesus.
    Favorite practical Theologian – Jesus.

    You get the idea ;)

  3. jonathan jarvis January 10, 2013 at 6:41 pm

    Got to be C.S. Lewis!

  4. Kendall Sholtess January 10, 2013 at 8:32 pm

    I’ll pick a physically living theologian as my favorite.

    His name is Don Carson.

  5. My favorite theologian would be Paul, since I don’t know many others.

  6. Please enter my name in the drawing. Among my favorite theologians are N. T. Wright, Thomas Oden, John Wesley,
    J. I. Packer, and Alister McGrath.

    Ric Schopke

  7. so many vessels for God’s use:
    Athanasius – we never read that he ever “missed it”
    Augustine – the great ecumencial doctor
    Luther – the bold reformer
    Calvin – the thinker
    Edwards – greatest American mind
    Spurgeon – prince of preachers
    Bonhoeffer – pastor, martyr, spy

    but I’m going to have to go with Mom. She loves the Lord and taught me to do the same.

  8. My favorite Theologian is John Calvin.

  9. Looking for a leg up, I’ll have to say C. Michael Patton.

  10. Looking for a leg up, I’ll have to say C. Michael Patton

  11. My Favorite Theologian is John Calvin.

  12. Here are the winners:

    James Kirchner: Full-set
    Scott: Full-set & N.T. Wright Card
    Jerry Minor: Full-set & Kevin Vanhoozer Card


    Zondervan should be getting in contact with you soon. God bless and enjoy.

  13. Calvin or Luther.

  14. I am intrigued by Origen, a brilliant mind exploring uncharted waters. It’s not surprising that he swam headlong into a few rocks.

  15. Bill Watterson, creator of Calvin and Hobbes

  16. My favorite theologian would have to be John Calvin. From what I’ve learned about him, Calvin had the same personal issues that I do. Apparently, we both were very aware of our own personal sinfulness, which manifested itself sometimes as insecurities and wondering if we could ever measure up to God’s standards in our lives.

    It still amazes me, that if God could use Calvin, not only to help restore the Gospel to God’s people, but to open people’s eyes to his grace, love and sovereignty (which are the complete opposite of his own insecurities) then God, in his grace, could use me similarly.

  17. I’m gonna go Athanasius. Hopefully he’s good luck because that trading card set would make quite the conversation piece.

  18. I am going to say Augustine since his City of God is the only theologian’s writing that I actually own, from those before the 20th century that is.

  19. My favorite modern theologian is Tim Keller.

  20. My favorite living theologian is Thomas Oden.

    My favorite dead theologian is Cyril of Jerusalem

  21. “Who Needs Theology?: An Invitation to the Study of God by Stanley J. Grenz and Roger E. Olson” it teaches that “Everyone is a Theologian.

    Thus my favorite theologian is my wife Sheila.

  22. George Eldon Ladd

  23. C.S. Lewis

  24. Well, this week it is probably Athanasius.

  25. My favorite theologian is – wait for it…
    You are of course! Does that make me an instant winner?

  26. A.W. Pink, as of right now.

  27. Am I too late? My favourite is Jonathan Edwards.

  28. No favorites, but Tozer is up there.

  29. It’s a tough choice trying to pick my favorite theologian, the finalist are Saint Augustine and of course Saint John… and the winner is Saint John!

  30. Being a Methodist for many year I would say John Wesley but I also love CS Lewis and Tozer.

  31. fav theologian?

    Myself, natch

    (are we not all theologians?)

  32. I would have to say Tertullian right now. I’ve been studying him during my Church History classes at SNU, and his attention to detail coupled with superb snarkiness makes him a fun read.

  33. Probably Edwards, Warfield, or Machen.

  34. I’m going to say Sam Storms, Tim Keller, Warren Gage, and John Piper. My favorite dead guys would be CS Lewis, Jonathan Edwards, Martin Luther

  35. my favorite is j. p. moreland, but greg koukl, ravi zacharias are right up there

  36. Derrick Hildebrant January 15, 2013 at 9:07 pm

    George Whitefield!!!

  37. Augustine.

  38. I’ll go with Barth!

  39. Hmmm?’s Michael Patton..(Does that gain me an extra entry?)

  40. This would be great as I go through seminary. If the drawing is still open. My favorite theologian is Luther.

  41. My favorite theologian is William Tyndale. In fact I just named my son Benjamin Tyndale.

  42. Charles Hancock January 21, 2013 at 6:17 pm

    My Favorite theologian is Augustus Strong.

  43. I like William of Ockham.

  44. Balthasar Hubmaier

  45. Anselm!! He has grasped sin, and its consequences as no one else.

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