8 Responses to “Nazirite Vow Update #2: What My Wife Thinks of My Vow”

  1. michael, I dont know if it is only me, but I can’t hear any noise.

  2. Scrap that previous comment, working now.

  3. Michael Madsen would be the perfect fit to play you in the Credo House movie.

  4. Part of your exercise should entail dropping to your knees and bowing before The Almighty who made you a man so that you CAN lose 8-10 pounds in 5 days. Try being a 55 year old woman with not much muscle mass and losing ANYTHING in 5 days :)

  5. A nice appearance by your lovely wife! I don’t blame her for not being thrilled about the scruffy beard to come…but hopefully you’ll get there. Eight pounds is a lot already. I’d be happy about losing that myself!

  6. Great project Michael. Don’t color your new long hair so that at the end you can donate it to “cancer kids”
    just sayin’

  7. I am expecting to see a proper fulfilment of the vow once it is complete.

    And the Nazirite shall shave his consecrated head at the entrance of the tent of meeting…

  8. Please, I’m begging, take the nazarite vow of taking the gum OUT of your mouth before speaking.

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