Nazirite Vow Update 1: Can I Shave the Hair on My Neck?

To those of you who don’t know, I have placed myself under the “Vow of a Nazirite” to get back under 200 pounds. Until then I will neither shave nor cut my hair (or touch a dead body, which won’t be too difficult!). Here is an interview with my daughter about the vow, along with a question for you all. I am sorry that blogging is so sparse. I have some great ideas, but this must take priority. So far, seven pounds are in my rear-view mirror. Now, off to the gym…(I will let you all in on what I am doing).

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  1. Hey Michael,

    Also 270. Also decided (independently) a week ago to get back under 200.

    I have joined and have lost 4.4 pounds so far. It is a free site that allows you to track food intake and exercise, set goals and track them, etc.

    If you or anyone else on here would like to join me for mutual encouragement my username is bellmik and you can add me as a friend.

    Mike Bell

  2. Love the exchange regarding how many days it’s been. That made me laugh. Glad to see it’s not only our house that engages in such moments.

    In agreement with the a previous poster Michael, Fitness Pal is a great way to track what you’re eating and how many calories you’re burning.

    I think shaving the neck hair would be acceptable, although depending on how quickly the hair on your head grows, it may be a non-issue anyway.

  3. Your daughter is adorable….saying you’re handsome. We need to see more of her! I don’t blame her for not liking the beard thing….and it gets really bad once it’s over two inches long. Ick. But this way the girls will be motivated to help…..putting up the “do not feed the bear” signs (Pooh) and snatching the bad food from sight.
    Neck hair? It’s going to be covered with long hair pretty soon so why shave it? You will soon be the hippy who runs Credo House!

  4. Not touching a dead body is harder than you think:

    You can’t swat flies (at least not to kill them).

    You also abstain from meat because that is an animal corpse.

  5. I’m not sure that not shaving is a punishment for a guy. :-) perhaps you should vow to shave until you lose the weight. Then you can let yourself go. :-)

  6. I have a weight problem as well…. BUT this may come as a surprise for most of you:

    I am underweight (BMI of 17.7) and I am doing the exact opposite of what Michael is doing. I am trying to eat more meals, consume at least 3,500 calories a day and lift weights. My goal here is to gain 40 lbs so my weight will be at the healthy range.

    This process is frustrating in a unique way because it is not easy to find people who can identify with my dilemma.

  7. Michael you crack me up….:)

    I lost 21 pounds on the South Beach Diet some 7-8 years ago. I was not hungry, either, and once my body got over the “sugar shock” (i.e., the shock of not having any!) I felt great and to this day can pass up sweets no problem. This is now just the way I eat. And even with menopause and a thyroid condition cropping up I am still a good weight for my 5’0″ frame….you may want to check it out! Actually I think a lot of the new ‘diet programs’ are utilizing the glycemic index which is what SB is based on. It works, but does require a short of paradigm shift in one’s eating habits.

    As for the neck hair…..leave it. Your head hair will cover it up soon enough!

  8. Michael,
    Hey bro, are you still in the Nazirite vow? Or did you finish? Or what is the deal?

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