Proving the Bible is True…now for Kindle Users

Only God can truly open someone’s eyes proving the truthfulness of His Word.

Those who are believers in Jesus, however, are ambassadors for Christ. How can you, as an ambassador, help convince people who think the Bible is just a made-up fairy tale?

Our Executive Director, Tim Kimberley, wrote Top Ten Biblical Discoveries in Archaeology as a resource for you. In this book, Tim discusses the 10 greatest discoveries in the world of archaeology that help to prove the accuracy of the Bible. This fully illustrated, easy-to-read book will help deepen the faith of believers and provide some great evidence for those wondering if the Bible is really true.

ArchaeologyFor the first time ever this great resource is available in a Kindle Edition! The book, normally $14.99, is in the Kindle Store for only $6.99!

If you’d like the old-school, “smell the ink” printed edition it’s available here.


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