6 Responses to “Credo Clip: What is the Gospel (Michael Patton)”

  1. Yep, better. I like your little Credo House clips. It’s like we all get to join you in your world for three minutes :-)

  2. That was one of the best analogies I’ve ever heard to explain depravity and the Gospel. I’m stealing it!

  3. Great treatment but……you forgot to mention the resurrection.

  4. ….wanting the whole enchilada?

  5. The resurrection was mentioned. Check 2:35.

  6. The resurrection is definitely in there.

    I really loved that you didn’t add law at the end of it (as so many Evangelicals do) – “Now you NEED to make a decision for Jesus…”

    The gospel is that Jesus made the decision for us!

    Very nice, CMP! Thanks!

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