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  1. hi,great site, you really have us on this site thinking and thinking , as we should on whats the devil giving us now, my questions are simple but sure the guys out there would like you to do a bit on it, ok we have mega churches, 1, how many of them have moved big-time from the truths of the bible,2 take lakewood, with about 43,000 every week are they all asleep?, in that truth is not inportant what the bible says , can it be most of them are not or ever were born again, so its hard to understand if i heard my pastor on l king not knowing christ is the only way for salvation, why because the bible says so,yet millions see mr olsten make a fool of himself, +as an ambassdor for his teaching level, and shamed his church+our lord was downtrodden that day, even l king was lost for words, so, how do we fix it on this type of false teachers, are the people in usa, dont see thruth anymore, copland, telling his people we are GODS, then he goes out and buys a jet plane, b hind, tells his people christ will be comming to his show the comming night as he was told by GOD, what happens christ didnot show up eh, oh the cults members must have a feeling that its more peaceful in side cultworld than its is with so called christian churches, j macarthur, and friends are really trying to get some thruthful order back, to our churches, colson, b graham, scared to come clean in telling the world they are catholics, and their leader is the pope, yet nothing is said, all is ok, we must pick what side we what to serve, or leave its GOD SELF, OR GREED,so sorry if i went on a bit, may god bless you from scotland.

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