Is Obama the Antichrist?

More than one Christian friend has suggested to me, in all seriousness, that President Obama is the Antichrist. I haven’t taken such suggestions too seriously, but recently a video has shown up on Youtube that seems to claim that Jesus identified Obama as the Antichrist. Some Christians have been startled by this (and the video is wildly popular) and believe that the evidence is compelling. The video is found here.

The anonymous narrator introduces his provocative four-minute video by asking if Jesus identified the name of the Antichrist, then says, “I will report the facts; you can decide” (reminiscent of Greta Van Susteren’s tagline on her show on Fox News). The narrator then notes that in Luke 10.18, Jesus says, “And he said unto them, I beheld Satan falling from the heavens.”

He then begins to link several hypotheses together. First, he claims that Luke 10.18 was written originally in Greek, but that Jesus spoke these words in Aramaic, “which is the most ancient form of Hebrew.” Second, he observes that the Old Testament was written in Hebrew and claims that the Aramaic that Jesus spoke would have been quite similar to the Hebrew that is spoken today and, presumably, similar to the Hebrew of the Old Testament. Third, he then says that Jesus spoke these words in Hebrew, and retranslates the text as follows: “I saw Satan falling as lightning from the heights, or from the heavens.” Fourth, he discusses the Hebrew words for ‘lightning’ and ‘heights.’ He notes that the word for ‘lightning’ is baraq. Fifth, he claims that Isaiah is the source of the Christian understanding of Satan or ‘Lucifer’ (Isa 14.12 in the KJV). Sixth, Isa 14.14 has Satan say, “I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the Most High.” Seventh, the Hebrew word in Isa 14.14 for ‘heights’ is bamaw, and this is surely what ‘heavens’ means in Luke 10.18. Eighth, the Hebrew letter waw is sometimes transliterated as a u or o. Ninth, the waw is used in Hebrew as a conjunction. Tenth, in Hebrew poetry baraq obamah literally is translated “lightning and the heights” or “lightning from the heights.” Eleventh, if Jesus’ words in Luke 10.18 were spoken in Hebrew by a Jewish Rabbi today he would say, “And I saw Satan as baraq ubamah.” He concludes his narration by asking, “Did Jesus reveal the name of the Antichrist? I report; you decide.” There is a disclaimer at the end of the video that simply says the correlation is striking, but not that the narrator is claiming that the President is the Antichrist.

This video was followed up by another by the same narrator. You can see it here.

It essentially argues the same point, but changes a couple of points (without warrant).

What can we say about these videos and the linguistic argument used? Of the eleven points noted above, the fourth and eighth are the only ones that are indisputable: the Hebrew word for lightning is baraq; and the waw is sometimes transliterated as a u or o. The seventh point comes close to being correct: the Hebrew word for height is bamah, but the plural is used in Isa 14.14, bamot (pronounced baw-moat). As for the rest of the points, some are debatable, while others are factually wrong. Taking them in order: (1) It is debatable whether Jesus spoke most of the time in Aramaic; he may have done much of his teaching in Greek. It is also not true that Aramaic is the oldest form of Hebrew. (2) and (3) A sleight of hand has occurred here: First, it is claimed that Jesus spoke in Aramaic, but then it is claimed that he spoke in Hebrew. Which is it? Although the characters for both languages are the same, the vocabulary has some key differences, especially in vowel points but also often in the very consonants used. (5) and (6) Is Isaiah really the source for the Christian view of Satan? It may contribute to our understanding, but even that is disputed. The one passage that may speak about Satan is indeed Isa 14. But part of the reason for this being so interpreted is due to the influence of the KJV. At v. 12 the King James says, “O Lucifer, son of the morning!” The word lucifer, however, is simply a transliteration of the Latin Vulgate at this point. It is not another name for Satan. The Hebrew word, helel means ‘morning star’ or ‘shining one.’ Most modern translations (the NKJV is the only exception I found of the translations I checked) do not translate helel as Lucifer; rather they have ‘shining one,’ ‘day star,’ ‘morning star,’ etc. (cf., e.g., NET, ASV, RSV, NRSV, ESV, TEV, REB, NIV, TNIV, NAB, NJB, HCSB). Of course, there are still excellent scholars who believe that Isa 14 is ultimately a reference to Satan, though in the historical context it was directed at the Babylonian king. (9) This is true, but irrelevant. To have the idea of ‘lightning from the heights’ would normally require a preposition, not a conjunction (see next point). (10) It seems to be an illegitimate leap to say ‘lightning and the heights’ means the same thing as ‘lightning from the heights.’ Indeed, there is a perfectly good Hebrew word that means ‘from’: min. But that would produce baraq min-bamot. It’s getting more difficult to see the validity of the narrator’s linguistic points. (11) When all is said and done, the evidence is simply bogus. Jesus didn’t speak in Hebrew, and the Hebrew that is given here does not mean ‘lightning from the heights.’ Baraq ubamah means ‘lightning and height.’ But that can hardly be the underlying Aramaic (which is not Hebrew) for the Greek text of Luke 10.18. Thus, a linguistic leap from Greek to Aramaic to Hebrew, with the grammar and vocabulary changing along the way, is required to make Luke 10.18 mean what the narrator wants it to mean. This is hardly a case of “I report; you decide.” It is rather a case of “I’ll tell you only part of the evidence, and will use some fancy exegetical gymnastics to make everything fit; and based on the skewered evidence, you decide.”

Now, to be sure, the President did say at one public meeting that the rumors that he was born in a manger are not true (!). I didn’t care for that comment (though it was in reaction to what many pundits, conservative politicians, and comedians had sarcastically said), nor do I care for many, if not most, of his policies. Perhaps he’s a little full of himself. And certainly there has been hype about him that goes beyond reason, some that is even blasphemous (e.g., Evan Thomas, of Newsweek, who said that Obama was ‘sort of God’ on MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews, to which Matthews replied, ‘yeah.’ It’s that kind of rhetoric that is more persuasive than the video, since it reflects the opinions of so many Americans and even the global community). But is he the Antichrist? In the least, the linguistic torturing required to make the biblical evidence say this is beyond the pale of reason and, perhaps, sanity.

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  1. I say he is a picture of the kind of aura and deceptive power that the antichrist is going to have. He is a testing ground in my opinion for satan as he gets ready to fulfill this purpose in prophecy. I thought he might be the antichrist because of his lineage and how fast he came to power as an unknown and the fact that the world seems to worship him. The controversy about where he was born and how he lies in order to appease whoever he is talking to but behind the scenes is doing the opposite of what he says he believes or wants done. It seems that his movement away from support of Israel is another red flag.
    This brings up a question. Are we going to know who he is when he comes on the scene or is it going to be a mystery?

  2. “More than one Christian friend has suggested to me, in all seriousness, that President Obama is the Antichrist.”

    you’ve got to be kidding!

  3. Holy paragraph-breaks, Batman!

  4. I saw that video a while back, and thought about dignifying it with a response in a Facebook note, in about the same terms you used. I finally decided it wasn’t worthy of a response, but that doesn’t hinder my enjoyment of yours. Thanks!

  5. I almost couldn’t sit through the whole thing. Pathetic video is pathetic.

    This sort of screwball-thinking makes it harder for me to appreciate certain others’ eschatological views that are different than mine.

  6. If I’m not mistaken, there will be many antichrists, not just a single one. So they’re wrong right off the bat.

  7. I’m an amillenial idealist right now, so I can see Obama as AN anti-Christ, but probably not the last “big” one…and that video is just ridiculous lol.

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  9. I thought the anti-Christ was suppose to deny that Jesus was Savior and God. Presedent has not did this but confessed Jesus to be Savior and God. So I can’t see the link if this is supposed to happen according to scripture.

  10. Since Matthew 24 talks about no one knowing when the end times will begin, doesn’t that mean Satan doesn’t know either? And so he has to have many “false witnesses” (vs. 5, 11) who will try to deceive as many people as possible.
    The video was bogus, but I’m not discounting Obama as a “false prophet” spreading lies.

  11. I wasn’t aware Luke 10:18 was speaking about the Antichrist ???

    As is written…Judas went out and hanged himself….go ye likewise and do the same.

    You can make scripture say whatever you want if you twist and tweek it enough.

    But that was an imaginative and fun twist! :)

  12. You know me and my brother have an acquaintance who exaggerates and changes everything in order to make himself look better or tell a better story. You can’t believe anything that comes out of his mouth. That being said his stories are great and often funny and entertaining if completely untrue. So we’ve all just figured out that this guy is a “fiction” guy, you just sit back and enjoy the stories knowing that they are as preposterous and ridiculous as half the movies that come out of Hollywood. So it is with this video. It’s complete fiction and nonsense, but its entertaining to watch this guy try to string together words to make the Bible say Barack Obama and then link him to Satan. The disturbing part is that anyone would take this seriously. There is gullible written on the ceiling by the way.

  13. I was starting to formulate my own response to that video. You did a much better job than I would have done. I did decide to do a test case in ridiculousness and see if such atrocious exegetical methods could be used to prove Big Bird was the antichrist. Turns out…he might just be ;) –

  14. Comment has been deleted by moderator.

  15. Less credible than Edgar Whisenant. :)

  16. Scripture Zealot,

    I think you’re half-mistaken. Yes, there will be many anti-christs. That doesn’t mean there won’t be the main, final one. (Kind of like how there are many tribulations, but there will also be the tribulation.)

  17. Uhm…not to legitimize this with a rational critique…but “Satan” and “the Anti-Christ” are not the same… so using a passage about “Satan” as one’s sole method of identifying “The anti-Christ” seems rather dubious from the start.

    By the same reasoning, one could claim James and John [“Sons of Thunder” (Mark 3:17)] are the dragon and beast (Revelation 13:1).

  18. David,

    You mean Obama is really Satan?!?!?!


  19. Obama said it.
    I disbelieve it.
    That settles it!

  20. Obama is not the anti-Christ.

    He is the anti-free market President.

    In some ways I think I’d rather have him be the anti-Christ.

  21. I don’t know, has anyone else noticed all the six’s in the new “The Theology Program” advertisment in the upper right of this page? It could be pointing at something (or one) and if it is what I’m thinking Obama is off the hook! :)

  22. “the”? — no

    “an”? — probably

  23. of course he is – and DW proved it himself!

    Most modern translations (the NKJV is the only exception I found of the translations I checked) do not translate helel as Lucifer; rather they have ‘shining one,’ ‘day star,’ ‘morning star,’ etc. (cf., e.g., NET, ASV, RSV, NRSV, ESV, TEV, REB, NIV, TNIV, NAB, NJB, HCSB).

    As the KJ is the AUTHORIZED VERSION (see, its true, i used all caps), and all the other translations have had the true meaning STRICKEN from them in a CONSPIRACY, ergo, Obama = Anti Christ

  24. All I’ll say is praise God we have scholars like you that don’t simply know that these are stupid claims- but can also back your arguments with Scriptural, Historical, and contextual proof.

    Thanks for the post!

  25. It is irrelevant if the words “Barak Obama” have a different meaning in whatever language they come from (?Arabic). Meaning, not similarity of sound it what counts.

  26. It is unfortunate that Dan would have to go to this length to disprove such an obvious stretch of the biblical text. Reminds me of the so called “code” that was embedded in the Bible. If it takes that much work and linguistic gymnastics to get there, it is almost guaranteed to be arbitrary and not true.

  27. Daniel B. Wallace August 15, 2009 at 12:13 am

    David Rudel, very thoughtful comment. It’s true that the Antichrist is not Satan, but is his human emissary. However, it might not be too much of a stretch to see Satan falling in the person of the Antichrist in Luke 10.8, though most interpreters read this text otherwise. I take it that Jesus is speaking proleptically: Satan’s doom is sure and the cross will seal it. I should have mentioned the ellipsis in the logical step of the narrator, but didn’t. Thanks for catching it!

    As for others who have said that there will be many antichrists, well, that is true, but there will also be THE antichrist that the others are pointing toward. We have seen throughout church history many people who would seem to quality as the antichrist, yet all missed the mark. But there will be one who rise to the top, someone who will come looking like a good guy, someone who will not coming explicitly against Christ but someone who will be viewed as the Messiah–a replacement Messiah, if you will. That’s what the Greek prepositional prefix, anti-, means: not against, but in place of. The ultimate antichrist is known as the beast in Rev 13.18; he’s the one to really watch out for.

  28. “Is Obama the Antichrist?”

    No, but he’s a power hungry, common senseless, lefty ego- maniac.

  29. Dan, you just don’t want Christ returning in the next year and making all that manuscript photography work to be moot. Give us an opinion from someone without a vested interest, like the folks on youtube.

  30. The fear of change has become ridiculous in this country right now..but this is the worst. The Christian right would solve a lot of the problem by simply obeying God and praying for the leader God has put over us. The command was not directed to us as we agree with leadership..but especially when we disagree.
    This feels like the struggle Peter had when his “jewishness” came in conflict with his call to preach the gospel to all creatures. Paul himself had to rebuke this hypocrisy.
    Obama may not be the antichrist but he sure shows the beginning of the ‘nation against nation’ prophecy..prejudice is a deep and bitter root.

  31. We are in the process of moving. As part of the move, I uncovered in the attic a 25 year old paperback whose author claimed that Gorbachev was the anti-Christ. The basis of the claim was a similar type of twisted linguistics (using Greek, rather than Hebrew) whereby the numerical value of the Soviet leader’s name equaled 666. Unfortunately, premillenialists have given their amillenialists a lot of ammunition by their rash statements about the identity of the anti-Christ, such as those on Obama or Gorbachev. When the current President leaves office, and the world and our country are perhaps somewhat worse than when he entered office but not at the precipice of destruction, amillenialists, and for that matter, opponents of the Christian faith, will point to the failed prophecy in derision.

  32. Obama is undoubtedly the most “Antichrist” figure we have seen. His “Christianity” is more than questionable, as is his myriad of radical associations with people who oppose the basis of our founding as a nation. The scary thing is that the growing opposition to him is painfully slow. Dale

  33. Well done, Dan!

  34. Obama is not the anti-Christ. Anti Christ is much smarter , slicker, with much more power.

    I will give you that Obama is an exceedingly evil man, and would probably love to be the Anti Christ, but it is not yet time for the man of lawlessness to be revealed. Rather, Obama is a “type” of the Anti Christ. Having a form of godliness but denying its power.

    Many people thought Adolf Hitler was the Anti Christ and he came to nothing. Not yet time.

  35. This is exactly why I abandoned dispensationalism!

  36. The Antichrist:
    In the 80s, it was Gorbachev.
    In the early 90s, it was Hussein.
    In the mid to late 90s, it was Bill Clinton.
    In the early 2000s, it was bin Laden.
    In the mid 2000s, it was Hussein again.
    In the late 2000s, it is Obama.

    And then there are some who enjoy Standing Antichrist status:
    The Pope / The Roman Catholic Church
    (reincarnation anyone?)

    I think we need to have an Antichrist Index just like we have a Rapture Index.

    And we wonder why the world doesn’t take us seriously …

  37. It doesn’t matter except as a reminder that we are in the End Times. Let us therefore be exhorted to be about our Father’s business. Let us focus on living incarnationally in a way that glorifies our Lord.

  38. To quote David Jeremiah:

    “If you really think you’ve identified the Anti-Christ, then you’ve been left behind”.

  39. Thank God for some sanity! Well done for taking time to expose this nonsense.

    If Obama is the Antichrist (and I am in no way saying he is) this video goes a long way to making people think he isn’t. Because of this guy’s twisting of words and languages from one to the other to prove his incredibly tenuous point any one with half a brain cell will watch it and laugh out loud at his stupid logic.

    I can just hear the Lord Jesus 2,000 years ago leaving is a clue by saying “I saw Satan fall like Barak…”
    Yeah, yawn, right.

    Scripture tells us plainly when he will be revealed and it is mid way through the final 7 years when he stops the sacrifices and sits in the Temple. Daniel 9:27; 2 Thessalonians 2:3,4.

    Of course the other problem is that many will watch this video and be turned off of bible prophecy altogether. When in reality it is a most fascinating and rewarding study.

  40. This reminds me of one of those spoofs that Paul Shanklin does which get broadcast on the Rush Limbaugh show. It may be entertaining and even make a point, but don’t look for serious fact in it.

    I’m somewhat amazed that you even take the time and effort to post this. This is one of the most ridiculous modes of interpreting the scripture that can be found so I wouldn’t want to encourage its adoption (though there are far too many out there who do just the same as this guy). I think some will look to scripture and torture it to attempt to discover how many sheets of toilet paper they should use. I haven’t watched the video. I think your description is sufficient to let me know that I’m not interested in wasting my time with it. I need that time since my car needs washing. Important things first.

  41. Wow – great write-up Dan. Hard to believe that so many people are quick to believe such statements and twisting of the truth. I cannot believe the rating of the Youtube video.

  42. Gee Dan, thanks for ruining my sermon for tomorrow!
    Seriously, thanks for taking time to deal with this stuff.

  43. You know I’m probably going to get flamed for this, but I really don’t think Obama is anymore wicked then any of us posting on this forum. Is Obama a left wing nut who is hopelessly mislead about the nature of economics and beginnings of human life among (many) other things??? Absolutely!!! Is he evil??? No more so then you or me. In the end game Obama probably genuinely believes that the actions he is taking are what is best for the country just as George W. Bush did before him. He may be wrong (just as Bush was on more than a few occasions), but there’s a difference between being wrong and deceived, and intentionally and knowingly destroying the country.

  44. Obama is intentionally destroying the ‘American way’. He is “changing” it.

    The Left’s ways are not the ways of the American founders.

    Does that make him evil? I wouldn’t go that far, but he is doing his best to destroy a great system of government and the last best hope for mankind on this earth. (The hope of Christ is for another world)

    Are we all wicked in our sinfulness? Of course. Are we all setting out to bring more opression upon millions of people?

    May be some of us are unwitting helpers in that wrongheaded pursuit.

  45. I have to get in on this conversation… Yes, there are a lot of anti-christs in the last days. But the Bible warned, that the believers would know” you do not remember that do you…. Obama did say that a couple of times he was the messiah. so, Open your eyes he would cause freedom to be held in captivity, chaos such as never was since the beginning of time Daniel 12… If you wanna know things translate words in Hebrew, Arabic, and Greek and Punic if you want too. It never hurts to go back and translate anything. The Bible originally was not written In English ever until our founding fathers. from capitalism, to socialism and more… The implants are out since that wasn’t sign enough for anyone maybe you are not that serious about anything… The leader that arises would cause as many as he can to take the mark, look at how many of the people already got a computer chip implanted in the skin, and are being lied to that there is nothing but a address and a tracker in that chip, but guess what your money, and all that is on the chip. Now Obama wants to add health info on the s-chip. Read your house bills if you did not have a barcode you wouldn’t be able to work or anything now. the anti-christ mark was not used as money but as show and tell. So translate words like looking glasses in Hebrew in the book of exodus. you may write me. I love doing research and i love Theology and in order to obtain the correct information you must research, read books study the Punic War and Translate words for yourselves.. I do. Do you know what it helps me to understand the way the Bible is written. If you want to talk to me or anything on this you are more then welcome. I signed up for the Theology classes cause I love history, translations, an understanding the Bible and what it truly means. I love God with all my heart and soul and would do anything for Him, and my brother Jesus.. He didn’t make us robots. The government does that (the beast is the government) that is specifically in the Bible one time. Don’t be left behind translate the words the messages are hidden scriptures, and the words are symbolic. There were 3 world wars in 241.B.C. before translate Hamilcar in Hebrew and Punic the name Hamilcar is baraq a chief leader also known as a golden hoarder leader type in lightning and since that is symbolic for someone handsome and bright, but would have a evil side astronomy dictionary, and more to define Punic or other language.

  46. Steve Martin,
    Your at least partially right, but I think your reasoning is off. Obama is in fact intentionally trying to change the American way of life. Despite this if you genuinely believed the the “American way of life” was dangerous and was leading our country to ruin and destruction then seeking to change it would not be destroying the country, but saving it. This is in fact what Obama appears to believes and thus his intent is not to destroy the country but save it. He’s wrong in his assertions, but again implying intentionality and malicious intent to his actions is absurd.

    On another note I find is amusingly disturbing that you would assert that America and our form of government are the “last best hope for mankind on the Earth”. Winston Churchill put it best when he said that “democracy is the worst form of government, save all the others”. Remember it was democracy that got Obama elected in the first place.

    On another note I’m still trying to figure out what you mean by “oppression”. If you mean killing millions of innocent babies I agree with you. If you mean higher taxes or more government control over things like healthcare, then this seems to be a stretch, especially considering the people knew he would do this and elected him anyhow. Is it inadvisable, yes, oppression, I don’t think so.

    For the record I did not vote for Obama and disagree with 90% of what he wants to do. That being said I really see no difference between the Obama haters and the Bush haters. They both want to turn men who are doing what they think best into monsters who are out to intentionally destroy us.

  47. @ Michael Well Put. Thanks for a brave response. I agree that he has no intentions to do evil. Just as Bush was attempting to lead, he is.

  48. Michael,

    The ‘American way’ is smaller government and more personal freedom. Obama is trying to save that way? Hardly.

    Was Bush the greatest at preserving the ‘American way’? Hardly.

    But he was a far cry from this, the most left president we’ve ever had.

    We are the last best hope of mankind on this earth in that we actually care if other nations are free. And we do what we can about it within the available means at the time.

    People aren’t risking their lives to get OUT of this country. it is the other way around.

    You see no difference in the Bush haters and the Obama haters?

    How about we do this : You give me a dollar for every reference, or photo of a poster depicting Bush as a Nazi, and I’ll give you a dollar for all those depicting Obama as a Nazi.

    I will be a rich man and you will be a pauper.

    Leftists do not need body guards when they go to speak at a campus, but conservatives do. How’s that for hate?

  49. Amy, I don’t doubt your sincerity. But just wondering if you are familiar with Dr. Wallace’s credentials and his expertise in the original languages? Moreover, I think he has laid out a pretty good case for disproving the charges of Obama as the anti-Christ as defined in Revelation.


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