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Want a balanced look at the issue of Creation, Science, and the Bible? Join us as we explore and discuss the Christian options with regard to Science and the Bible.
Author, Speaker, and Evangelical Apologist, Robert Bowman
Tuesdays July 14-Sept 8 from 9pm EST – 10:30pm (7-9pm CST at the Credo House)
Online – Paltalk (
Credo House: Edmond, OK (live group setting)
$100 for the certificate online program
(Credo House attendees can audit or go for the certificate. If you want the certificate, enroll online. Audit students, just show up at the Credo House.)
(Scholarships are available. Email to request.
Nine sessions:
1. History of science (Copernicus, Galileo, Newton, Darwin, Einstein, Hawking)
2. Revelation and the philosophy of science (general v. special revelation; realism v. nonrealism in science; how science changes; models for relating science and theology; naturalism)
3. Models of creation and evolution (young-earth and old-earth creationism, theistic evolution, atheistic and pantheistic evolution)
4. Genesis 1-3 and creation (Genesis 1:1 and creation ex nihilo; age of the earth and universe; origin of life and its diversity; origin of the human race; historicity of the Fall)
5. Genesis 4-9 and creation (the genealogies and the antiquity of the human race; the nature, extent, and universality of the Flood; interpretations of the Flood and of geology)
6. Creation in the rest of the Bible (wisdom literature [Psalms, Proverbs, Job]; Romans 5 and 8; creation and its consummation in biblical eschatology)
7. Physical sciences and creation (origin of the universe, fine-tuning and design arguments)
8. Biological sciences and creation (origin of life, arguments for and against macroevolution, ID)
9. Human sciences and creation (origin of human race; mind-body problem and modern brain science) 
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