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  1. I’m with the Catholics on this one…


  2. I want a bulletin board…I’m tired of the internet. I think you could get some exercise changing the letters on the sign

  3. I thought we were supposed to witness signs and wonders, not watch signs and wonder :-)

  4. Thank you! This is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time.

  5. Funny and, sadly, all too true. And, to put in my two cents, dogs have dog souls, cats have cat souls, etc; whether or not they are in heaven, I’ve not clue, but as an avowed cat-lover, I hope so. animals are such excellent creatures.

  6. Lol!! I love your title! Throwing stones from a distance is safer.

  7. I think church signs need to be anathemaed. I have this problem with a few churches in my area. Why is it that someone thinks a catchy phrase will cause someone to walk in the door? Like Wonders, I am going to have to vote for the Catholic church on this one though. At least their sign made it look like they were having fun with the exchange. As a Presbyterian, it makes me sad that my people thought this would be a good place to engage in debate over the soul. I especially love the last sign…

  8. Steve in Toronto October 7, 2008 at 12:31 pm

    I am surprised I would have thought that Presbyterians would have a better developed eschatology. I don’t know about my particular pets and I am not sure about heaven (If I knew exactly what it was I might be able to form a opinion is it a spiritual waiting room or anther name for the new earth) How ever I am sure we will see all kinds of creatures (including Cats and Dogs but probably not mosquitos) on the New Earth if not in the new “heavens”.

  9. My favorite was “Free dog souls with conversion”..oh those Catholics! they’re such a hoot! :)

  10. I’m thinking this is just some (very amusing and clever) Photoshopping.

  11. Steve,

    Ah, but will those animals be the same animals that lived on earth, or animals with newly-created souls?

    Hmm… Will animals “marry or be given in marriage”?

  12. SteveT,
    That was my first thought as well, though I did not investigate further, unfortunately. I remember finding a site a long time ago that would allow you to generate your own church sign. A quick search confirmed that this is exactly what happened… Look at Design #1 and #11.

    What is funny (sad) is that it wasn’t too hard for me to see a Pres. church and a Catholoic church having this conversation. Now, the real question remains: Did Michael create these signs and therefore subject himself to 100,000 years in purgatory for needless theological debate, or, Is he a mere victim of the Internet and merely came across this pre-existing controversy?

  13. # Revelation 22:15
    Outside are the dogs and the sorcerers and the immoral persons and the murderers and the idolaters, and everyone who loves and practices lying.

    Clearly, dogs are destined for damnation. This is no laughing matter. Please see

  14. i am concerned this would tend to bring mock and scorn to the purpose of the discussion…which brings back into place the question, “how to have edifying Theological cross debates?”

  15. Will not the lion one day lie down with the lamb…or perhaps I am mistaken!?

    Thumbs up to the Catholic signwriters for their sharpness and wit.

    Great fun.

  16. Just wait ’till they go digital – livetime blog wars!!
    How about, “If God wanted us to go to Hell, He would have given us asbestos skin”?


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