Friday Night Odds and Ends, July 13


Ministry Announcements:

Recantations, Restatements, and Review:

  • I am not a relativist. I do believe in absolute truth. I am not postmodern or emerging! Check out the “Postmodern” and “Emerging” categories on this blog! Simply because I understand where postmoderns are coming from does not mean that I have defected to their worldview. Quit accusing me of these things. (I hear that!  . . . Taffy just said “If the shoe fits!”)
  • Thanks James White for having me on the show and giving me time. It was fun.
  • I do believe in absolute essentials. Please quit saying I don’t. Please read this blog if you want my view of orthodoxy. 


  • Kristie’s (my wife) birthday was the 11th. We are going to stay the night a the Gaylord Texan tomorrow. Although we have to take the kids (four of them), it should be fun.
  • Sunday I will be teaching on Texual Critisism.
  • Nothing new with my mother. She is still very bad. I can’t hardly write about it so that is all I will say. Please pray.

God bless you all this weekend!

3 Responses to “Friday Night Odds and Ends, July 13”

  1. Michael, words fail at times like this. But I say, you, your mother, and your family have my prayers for the Lord’s best and His comfort and strength at this time.
    I don’t know you personally, but I love you in the Lord my Brother.

  2. Thank you so much my friend. Your prayers are precious to me.

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