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Dan Kimball’s They Like Jesus, but not the Church

Our culture is changing rapidly, and many Christians aren’t keeping up. The old formulas that have worked for decades won’t work with the emerging generation. If there’s one lesson that the modern, successful evangelical church needs to learn it is this. We need a fresh perspective on what our world is like today from someone who has escaped the Christian subculture and ventured into the heart and hearts of non-Christians.

Enter Dan Kimball. His book, They Like Jesus, but not the Church, gives the perspective that is badly needed. Continue Reading →

Constructing a Credo: Will Dominoes Do the Trick?

All Christians have a credo. That is, all Christians believe something. Some think theology is bad, without realizing that that position is a theological statement. Others say, “The Bible is my creed” without grasping that the Bible needs to be interpreted; after all, not all interpretations are created equal. Those who have more training recognize that a number of beliefs need to be articulated for one’s credo. It’s this last group that I wish to address in this blog. Continue Reading →