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Ethics and Truth-telling

Taken from “Is It Okay To Lie to Nazis?” in a forthcoming book with Baker Books

Michael Shermer, publisher of Skeptic magazine, criticizes biblical ethics for its alleged preoccupation with “absolutes”—and not allowing for any ethical tensions or exceptions. I’ve met people who have concluded that since ethical tensions exist (telling the truth to Nazis vs. protecting innocent Jewish lives), this means moral standards don’t really exist.

Such perceptions aren’t accurate, however. In fact, the very tension that exists between truth-telling and preserving innocent life assumes that we take seriously two or more important moral obligations. Furthermore, these tensions may not be of equal value and may call for properly ordering/prioritizing them according to God’s kingdom purposes. Biblical ethics is more subtle and nuanced than many imagine. Yes, certain acts are always wrong (rape, adultery, torturing babies for fun), but we also should consider the context of actions (while murder is always killing, not all killing is murder), the character doing the act, and the motive behind the act. Continue Reading →

Putting Jesus in His Place

I cannot overstate the importance of this work. Issues relating to the person of Christ have come to the apologetic forefront of our witness and we need to be prepared with an intelligent response.  The next book by RMM director, Ed Komoszewski, and RMM friend, Rob Bowman, Putting Jesus in His Place: The Case for the Deity of Christ, has been called “brilliant,”
“exciting,” “glorious,” “splendid,” “remarkable,” and “compelling” by Christian scholars such as Ravi Zacharias, Richard Bauckham, Murray J. Harris, Thomas R. Schreiner, Daniel B. Wallace, and Paul Copan. [Click here for a full list of endorsements.] The book is scheduled for release in September, but you’ll want to secure your copy now. has an outstanding pre-publication price ($12.91 for a 400+ page book!) that’s not likely to last. Buy your copy today through the RMM bookstore. You’ll guarantee yourself the best possible price.

Why doesn’t God heal amputees?

You believe that God heals, right? When you or a loved one is sick, you pray in such a way that evidences a belief that God, the “Great Physician,” might come to your aid and provide a miracle. Right?

I want to ask a few questions here and I want you to feel free to answer in this blog:

1. Do you believe that God still heals people today?

2. Is a miraculous cure from cancer any more difficult for God than healing someone who has lost a leg?

3. Have you ever seen either type of miracle?

4. Why, assuming that you have never seen nor heard of an amputee being healed, doesn’t God heal amputees? Continue Reading →

Tom Schreiner on Converse with Scholars this Thursday . . . Again!

Considering the recent conversion of Francis Beckwith to Roman Catholicism, we have asked Dr. Tom Schreiner to join the program once again this Thursday evening on Converse with Scholars to discuss the Reformed doctrine of Justification. We will focus our concern on the differences between the Roman Catholic view and that of the Reformers. That is two weeks of Schreiner in a row! (See here for a list of Dr. Schreiner’s books).

All are welcom to join. This will be a live interactive online conversation. Find out how to join by clicking the graphic.

Hope to see you there.

Christian Deism

Deism is a worldview that believes that God created the world, but is no longer involved in it. Often, we as Christians can fall into a deistic mindset. Because of prayers that seem to go unanswered, troubles that seem so meaningless, and emotions that are devoid of God’s presence, we begin to doubt God’s love, presence, and concern for our well-being. Continue Reading →