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Doing Philosophy Under the Cross

Martin Luther talked of a “theology of the cross” (theologia cruces), The God who suffers with and for human beings reveals himself in humility—most clearly in the person of Jesus of Nazareth.  Luther disapproved of “theologians of glory” who confidently presented abstract “proofs.”  Why?  Such theologians may be in danger of obscuring both the cross, which casts “God’s shadow,” and of diminishing the fact that God veils himself for particular reasons.  It is true that salvation comes through our self-abandonment and humbling ourselves in response to God’s grace.  Even if we may disagree with Luther to some extent, we shouldn’t forget that human reasoning—even constructing arguments for God’s nature and existence— without the aid of the cross and the Spirit of God will miss the mark. Luther is right to point us in a cruciform or crucicentric direction; indeed, the world-defying wisdom of God is found in the cross (1 Cor. 1:18). Continue Reading →

The Palatability of a Doctrine Does not Determine its Veracity

I don’t think that there is a more valuable phrase that I have learned than this. “The palatability of a doctrine does not determine its veracity.” I believe this is true. There are two key words here: “palatability” and “determine.”

Palatability refers to appeal, tastefulness, and emotional response to something. “Determine” according to the dictionary means, “to settle or decide (a dispute, question, etc.) by an authoritative or conclusive decision.” This does not mean that palatability has no say whatsoever, but it is not determinative by any means. I will explain more later. Continue Reading →

Getting to Know Sam Storms (modified)

Since Sam Storms is our special guest on Converse with Scholars this week, I thought that I would introduce you to him by pointing you to his website: This website has a wealth of theological, biblical, and historical material that is of the highest quality. I encourage you all to visit the site in preparation for this weeks program. Oh, let me give you the details: Dr. Storms will be here, live, online, this Thursday evening at 10pm EST to discuss Calvinism as a follow up to our conversation with Roger Olson last week about Arminianism. Olson’s interview can be accessed here. Download it here: Find out how to join here.

Misinterpreting God? An Example of the Often Confusing Voice of Experience

I often tell the story during my Introduction to Theology class of an experience that I had that deeply implicated me and has affected the way that I “listen” to God’s movements in my life. It concerns an event that happened in 2003 with my sister Angie. It has to do with how experience can seem to say one thing, but be very misleading. Continue Reading →

It’s a boy!! Update and Pictures

OK, I am back . . . and I am tired, excited, thoughtful, scared, and thankful.

I am tired, but not for the reasons why you would think. Zach’s delivery went perfect with no complications. Why am I tired? Because I have been having to see life from Kristie’s eyes for the last few days. Wow! Let’s just say that the girls matted hair, Will’s lack of change of clothes and three day old messy face, and the destruction that they cause around the house is something that is much easier to take care of when Kristie is around. Continue Reading →