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Engaging Postmodernism: 4 Views

Millard Erickson has a book called Postmodernizing the Faith where he summarizes the different approaches that the Christian community is taking in response to the postmodern plight. I think it is a great and valuable study. Let me give you a brief summary with some slight alterations of my own.

I will give a brief overview now and then expand on each option in the blogs to follow.

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Jesus’ burial site discovered!

 See update here.

This is indeed very sad news. I really did not expect this at all. It has blind sided me. Just when Reclaiming the Mind Ministries was moving forward with such affectiveness. Just when I was getting settled in my faith. Just when my prayer life was taking a turn. I can’t believe that they actually found Christ’s remains. All this time we thought He was in heaven–the God-Man. Go figure that I would get this wrong. I guess I will be sending out my resume. Not sure what good a Th.M. does anymore though. Continue Reading →

Screwtape Letters Movie!!

Well, it is about time. I don’t have any idea how this escaped my notice but it looks like Walden Media, the force behind the movie Chronicles of Narnia, has decided to move forward with a the Screwtape movie project. This movie should be done really well. Douglas Gresham, C.S. Lewis’ faithful stepson has been heading up the project. I actually had the opportunity to talk to him about this when he was in town a couple of years ago. I have eagerly be anticipating its arrival. I would be in prayer about this movie as it has the potential to make a very unique impact and have a very large appeal in our culture. Once again, the legacy of C.S. Lewis lives on, moving beyond whatever his hope or dreams could have ever imagined. Thank you Lewis. Continue Reading →

Why did He let them walk away: John 6 and transubstantiation

Catholic apologetics is more robust today than it has been in the recent past. Since Rome has given more freedom of exploration and discover along with the encouragement for Catholics to study the Scriptures, there have been many Catholic apologists preparing Catholics to defend the faith. This apologetic engagement has been interesting due to the rise of the emerging church and its general attitude toward apologetics which is apathetic at best, and antagonistic in some emerging circles (but that is another story). Continue Reading →

Doing missions in your own backyard (Cultural Prolegomena)

One of the difficulties in church ministries these days is understanding the dynamics and ethos of those in our culture today. We must ask and evaluate the thinking of those we are trying to reach. This is nothing new. Those who have had studies in missiology understand its importance. Missiology is the study of missions, in which the student is prepared to engage in another culture. Continue Reading →