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Update on mom

Mother seemed well, relatively speaking, this weekend. Thank you for your prayers and concern. Saturday morning she was taken to the ER again. They say that she had another minor stroke (TIA). They are not yet absolutely sure that it was a stroke, but, if it was a TIA, they say that she cannot progress and they will have to release her from rehab. Not sure what the family will do if they do release her; I guess this is the same fear that we have had for some time. We don’t have many options.

Will blog more later…

Welcome to the blog site

I hope you like it. We are still in the process of updating many things here, but I thought that it was time to begin to make the transfer. I think I will continue to post the blogs on the main site for a while as well. Any suggestions or comments? What do you think?

Will the real evangelical please stand up?

Here is an interesting article on the current demise of the label “Evangelical.” It is becoming more clear every year that the designation of “evangelical” is losing its value. Its demise is probably due to many things, all related:  

1. Lack of distinction (identity). The term is used in many diverse ways. It could refer to Baptists, Methodists, Bible Churches, non-denominational, charismatics, Calvinists, Arminians, Roman Catholics, Mormons, conservative Protestants, extremist political activists, political parties, missions organizations, Billy Graham, Jerry Falwell, Joel Osteen, Rick Warren, Benny Hinn, George Bush, Jimmy Carter, and Bill Clinton. If all of these people, groups, and organizations can be called “evangelical,” what does it mean to be evangelical? The umbrella of evangelicalism has become too large and I don’t know if we can change it. Continue Reading →

An argument against atheism?

I have heard many people use an illustration when talking about atheism and its viability. Many will say that they can convert an atheist to an agnostic with this simple illustration. Here is how it goes. If someone claims to be an atheist, you can easily convert them to agnosticism thereby moving them one step closer to theism. How? By asking them a series of questions. First you ask them how certain they are that there is not a God. If they say that they are not certain, that is just what they believe, then you inform them that they are not really an atheist–one who is certain that there is no God–but an agnostic–one who is uncertain about God’s existence. If they say that they are certain that there is no God, then you move to step two. Here you draw a large circle that represents all knowledge in the universe. You ask them to draw a circle within that circle that represents their relative knowledge in relation to all knowledge. Of course, they will draw a much smaller circle within the large circle knowing that they do not possess all knowledge, only a small portion of the whole. Once they have created this smaller circle, you ask them if God could exist somewhere in this vast area that you have no knowledge about. They should always answer yes since that area is their area of ignorance. At that point, it is said, you have converted them from atheism to agnosticism. Continue Reading →

The Sex Talk

Yes, I thought that the title would get you in. But your internet filter might flag this. :)I am having some trouble and I would like to hear some thoughts of the wise and experienced. My daughter Katelynn is 8 years old now and we have yet to have “the talk” with her about sex. My wife and I have gone back and forth about this for the last couple of years, being uncertain as to when is the right time. My thoughts have been the earlier the better. My wife on the other hand does not want her to lose the innocence that ignorance provides concerning this issue. I don’t want her to learn from a friend in the school bathroom.I feel that if we wait too long, and a friend does end up telling her, then Kristie (my wife) and I become thought of as irrelevant in these issues. Then it only become a subject that is spoken of with friends. I know that different people have different opinions, I understand. There also may not be a right answer.However, yesterday this was placed in the family inbox labeled with a “High Importance” red exclamation. I was sitting on the computer and Katelynn had one of her friends over. I over heard them talking in the bathroom and was eavesdropping. Her friend said “Do you know what sex is?” Ahhh….my fears were coming true–only this was in our bathroom. I thought about jumping in immediately, but I decided to listen quietly. Katelynn said, “No, what is it.” Her friend responded, “I don’t think I am supposed to tell you.” Well, we all know what that will do to an eight year old. I still remained silent, ready to jump in at any moment. Katelynn proceeded to beg her to tell her what the big “insider” information was. Finally, her friend caved and said, “It is when a man and a woman get in bed and . . .” “Stop!” I screamed. Both of them came out of the bathroom startled and afraid. I told Katelynn’s friend that her mommy and daddy would inform her of this when we are ready. Continue Reading →